Arrest warrant issued against IG Boinnet

Arrest warrant issued against IG Boinnet

Malindi High Court has issued a warrant of arrest against to the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet for disobeying a court order directing him to back off from Raha Bus operations.

The court has also ordered for the arrest of National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) chair Francis Meja, an enforcement officer with NTSA Hared Adan and the Traffic Department Commandant Jacinta Muthoni over the withdrawal of the Star Ways Express Ltd Sacco license.

The court had earlier issued an injunction freezing the impounding of the saccos’s vehicles until the matter is heard on May 29 – this coming after one of the buses linked to the sacco was involved in a crash that led to the death of 20 people last month.

“NTSA impounded all our buses plying the Lamu, Malindi, Mombasa, Nairobi and Kampala routes, including those that were on the road carrying passengers to their destinations. This has occasioned us inconveniences, huge and inconceivable business losses, unfair and unjust treatment, and also waste of resources,” said Mr Abubakar, the director of the sacco.

The complainant further told the court that the state agencies impounded two of the Star Ways Express Ltd Sacco’s buses in Voi on May 15, towing them to Mombasa Police Station.

Since then, Abubakar says a number of their buses have been towed to various police stations.

The sacoo boss termed this unfair, accusing NTSA and the National Police Services for inconveniences, waste of resources and image tarnishing.