Anti-graft war splits Jubilee leaders

Anti-graft war splits Jubilee leaders

Despite the rosy picture of unity painted by Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju, sources say that deep-seated suspicions over the President Uhuru Kenyatta succession and a plan to amend the constitution have caused wide cracks in the party.

After public feuds amid power struggles played out in recent weeks between loyalists of President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, an affirmation from the ruling party’s secretary general was however received with a pinch of salt and raised eyebrows.

” I want to assure our members that there is no crisis within the party,”said Tuju in a press briefing on Monday.

But some Jubilee Party members, speaking in confidence to Citizen Digital tell a totally different script, one that has been stirred by suspicion, internal wrangling and ultimately all boiling down to the 2022 succession debate.

“How can you succeed what you have not implemented? It is selfish,” queried Mark Bichachi, political analyst.

Sources say that the widening cracks were due to an alleged onslaught against DP Ruto with some of his loyalists reading mischief in the ongoing war on graft that the President has personally taken charge of.

For some, its the untold backstory being his handshake with Opposition chief Raila Odinga and the proposal to amend the law and expand the executive to accommodate him after his second and final term.

However, there have been those vocal about it, attributing it to a circle keen on breaking the Kenyatta-Ruto bromance.

“I believe the investment those people are putting in driving a wedge between the President and his Deputy is so huge and to a great extent to me is creating folds,” said Kipchumba Murkomen, Majority Leader of the Senate.

” It is not possible to undermine the deputy if he is working for the President,”said Ngujiri Wambugu, Nyeri MP.

“We must as Kenyans refuse this talk of succession politics because it is selfish parliamentarians out to fulfill their own interests,” said Bichahi.

Critics now argue that the President’s concentration on delivery in his legacy term, is now being deflected by the succession debate.

” The question should be if the president has not delivered, but you see, he has set out the big four agenda, he has waged war on graft, the noisemakers are themselves the impediment,” said Bichachi.

Restoring calm within the Jubilee ranks, pundits opine, will take a deliberate effort from its top brass, focus now shifting to just how soon, that will be.

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