An overview of reliable crypto trading platforms of 2021

An overview of reliable crypto trading platforms of 2021

The world of cryptocurrency trading is expanding as more investors are shifting their investments from forex and stocks to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. As the digital currency market is gaining popularity and more people are getting attracted towards it, at the same time number of scams and frauds have also increased.

The fact is, that there is no 100% secure trading market that provides complete assurance of a scam-free trading environment, whether it’s crypto, forex, or stocks.

The real question is that, to what extent the possibility of being caught in a scam or fraud could be avoided. So, in order to avoid the threat level to your investment, it is strongly recommended to make sure you choose the most appropriate trading platform.

As most the crypto-traders prefer to invest in bitcoin, this article will help you to have an overview of few crypto exchange platforms that are doing well in the market.

If you are a bitcoin lover and interested in investing in the only bitcoin then, there are several platforms like bitcoin billionaire that can help you get a real insight into the bitcoin market.


Coinbase is United States’s most trusted and reliable trading platform for bitcoin and other top traded cryptocurrencies. The fee structure is quite reasonable which depends on the dollar value of the purchase and varies between $0.99 and 2.99. Coinbase was launched in 2012, three years after the bitcoin network.

Cash App

Cash App is considered suitable for beginners, as it has some cool features like P2P money transfer and easy withdrawal. Secondly, the user interface of the Cash App is simple and easy to understand.

On another side, it is specifically designed for only bitcoin investments and no other cryptocurrencies are entertained till now. A service fee is charged for each transaction.


Binance exchange is best for those who are looking forward to investing in altcoins, as Binance offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies along with almost a hundred different trading pairs. The exchange charges 0.1% from both “maker” and “taker”.

The exchange charges a 25% lower fee for using their native cryptocurrency “BNB”.The best aspect of this trading platform is that a lower fee is charged as compared to other platforms.


Bisq trading platform is one of the decentralized exchanges in the business, which charges trading fees in BSQ (the platform’s native cryptocurrency) or in bitcoin. When bitcoin is used as a trading fee payment method, a 0.10% fee is levied on the maker side whereas 0.70% on the taker side.

In parallel to bitcoin, if the fee is paid in BSQ, 0.05% is charged on the maker side, and 0.35% on the taker side.

Bisq facilitates its user by offering multiple payment options, along with access to the mobile App available for both android and iOS users.

Different types of platforms suit different type of investors or traders, there are some crypto trading platforms with simple user-interface which are best for beginners. Platforms like

Bisq and Binance are recommended for professionals and experts.

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