Ahmednasir files petition for removal of 4 Supreme Court Judges over Ksh.75M bribery allegations

Ahmednasir files petition for removal of 4 Supreme Court Judges over Ksh.75M bribery allegations

Nairobi lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has made good his threat and filed a petition at the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) seeking the removal of four Supreme Court Judges over bribery allegations in the Wajir gubernatorial petition.

The four Supreme Court Judges named in the petition are Mohamed K. Ibrahim, Jackton B. Ojwang, Smokin C. Wanjala and Njoki S. Ndung’u.

The lawyer is accusing the four judges of gross misconduct following their decision to uphold the election of Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi.

“…failure to respect the law or to be able to imagine or perceive accurately the matters at issue in Petition No. 7 of 2018 triggers concerns about their integrity in discharge of judicial functions, undermines the rule of law and the strength of our democratic institutions,” read the petition.

‘Grand Mullah’, as he is popularly known, alleges that Justices Smokin Wanjala and Njoki Ndung’u went against all known principles of judicial independence and conduct, further arguing that they were in constant communication with Governor Abdi while the case still was pending before the court.

Ahmednassir, in the petition, claims that there were corrupt dealings between the appellant (Mohamed Abdi), through others, and some judges.

He argues that, in September last year, an exchange of a Ksh.75 million bribe took place at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) parking base between Sheikh Yunis Ibrahim, of Yunis Osman and Mwiti Advocates, and Justice Wanjala.

“Sheikh Yunis drove to JKIA in a Toyota Landcruiser V8 vehicle with a box packed with Ksh.75 million [in dollar currency] in the vehicle trunk,” added the lawyer.

The High Court, on January 12, 2018, nullified Governor Abdi’s election following a petition by Ahmed Abdullahi Mohamad on September 6, 2017 challenging the results.

Mr. Abdi was dissatisfied with the judgment and he moved to the Court of Appeal where his case was dismissed on April 20, 2018.

The Wajir county chief, once again dissatisfied with the Appellate court’s judgment, filed an appeal before the Supreme Court on May 7, 2018 where his election was in February upheld.