Aden Duale wants Uhuru, Raila to stop BBI rallies, terms them ‘divisive’

Aden Duale wants Uhuru, Raila to stop BBI rallies, terms them ‘divisive’

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has called for a stop to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rallies claiming they are doing more harm than good.

During a Press conference on Tuesday, Duale said the initial concept of uniting the country as envisioned by the President had been eroded and citizens are more divided than ever.

“These rallies are not helping, I want to beg you to talk the lead key leaders of this country, most of the pastoralists leaders have not been attending these rallies because they don’t serve the purpose of BBI. How do you do civic education in a public rally?” He said.

Further, he maintained that unless the BBI rallies were stopped by the month of March, Kenya would disintegrate..

He also nitpicked the rallies saying Kenyans would not get any substantial civic education on BBI by merely just attending the forums.

His statement comes on the backdrop of a back and forth between pro-BBI politicians and critics.

On Sunday, Deputy President William Ruto claimed the BBI rallies held in various parts of the country were being used to propagate hate and ethnic profiling.

Speaking on Sunday at Full Gospel Gatunduri Church in Embu, Ruto said those saying that “nobody can stop reggae” in regard to the BBI report should wait and see it being stopped.

Ruto appeared to be shooting down remarks by ODM leader Raila Odinga who previously compared the BBI to an unstoppable train, saying just like reggae, BBI was unstoppable.

The DP, seemingly with his finger on the play button, said the BBI rally that took place in Narok on Saturday was used to spread hatred and fear, vowing that he would neither blackmailed nor threatened.

Raila however defended the controversial remarks by Senator Ledama ole Kina saying that every Kenyan has the freedom of speech.