30-minute burial ceremony as wrangles between three wives escalate

30-minute burial ceremony as wrangles between three wives escalate

A former secondary school Principal whose body had been detained at the Embu Level Five hospital mortuary was on Friday buried in a 30-minute ceremony.

The deceased, Peter Njagi was buried at Karia village in Kirinyaga County five years after he passed on following a domestic row over property between his three wives that resulted to a court injuction.

According to his nephew Moses Munene, Njagi had three wives who were also recognized by the entire extended family.

It is however alleged the second wife, a retired teacher, had a disagreement with the other two wives over property that led to her filing an injunction in court.

During the interment, she also denied mourners access to the compound where Njagi was to be buried forcing them to conduct a quick ceremony under a tree.

Relatives from the larger family were angered by her actions lamenting how unfair it was to give a former principal such a send off.

During the ceremony, Reverend  Canon Johnson Maricho alongside Rev. James Njue of Ciagini Anglican Church however urged families to end disputes and live in harmony.

”I would like to urge men not to have many wives and should they have, let them at least build houses for them independently,” said Maricho.

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