20 years behind bars for man who killed wife

A Nanyuki court has sentenced a man to 20 years in prison after he was found guilty of killing his wife by throwing a burning stove on her in 2015 at Likii Estate, Laikipia County.

 In her ruling, Nanyuki Resident Judge Mary Kasango said that the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused had murdered his wife after coming from a drinking spree on December 11, 2015.

“The court has noted that you are remorseful but the trauma you subjected your son who was only aged three is unimaginable. The family of the deceased and the community is still bitter with your action,” said Justice Kasango before announcing the sentence.

John Mathenge, 31, had earlier on asked the court to hand him a non-custodial sentence saying that he was remorseful, was now a born again christian and would never touch alcohol in life.

The court heard how on the night of the material day, Mathenge went home drunk,  started insulting his wife while demanding for food but refused to eat when served and instead went to bed.

After two hours of sleep, he woke up and went to the table room where he lit a paraffin cooking stove.

His wife, the late Mary Wanjiku Kanyi then followed him to find what he was up to and that is when Mathenge threw the burning stove at her, causing 63 percent burns on her body.

Wanjiku died at Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital, 48 days later.

Mathenge was convicted on January 30 this year but was not sentenced then after the court asked the children’s officer to prepare a report on the possible effects the death of the mother could have had on the only child who had witnessed her mother being attacked with a burning stove.

“When asked about the whereabouts of his mother is, he responded that she had gone to heaven while his father had been taken away by police officers,” part of the report from the children’s department.

Justice Kasango further directed that as Mathenge serves the sentence, the Laikipia Probation Office and the prison authorities subject him to anger management programmes.

The court also ruled that the boy who is now five years be enrolled in a counselling program to assist him get over the trauma that has contributed to his poor performance in school.

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