18 hospitalised after eating poisonous meat

18 hospitalised after eating poisonous meat

Eighteen people were taken Maralal District Hospital for treatment after they consumed poisonous meat in Sagumai village in Samburu Central Sub County on Friday.

Dr Robert Nato confirmed the incident saying the patients, 8 adults and 10 children, are in stable condition and will be allowed to go home soon.

The victims said they fed ate goat meat from an animal that had been sick for two days, assuming that the meat would not harm them.

Dr Nato stated that investigations have been launched to identify the kind of disease or poison that was in the carcass.

He strongly discouraged residents from eating uninspected meat, adding that it could result in illness and even death.

Dr Nato said increased incidences of people falling sick after eating meat have been reported in the county because people did not have slaughtered animals inspected.