14 dead, 11 injured in Mandera Al-Shabaab attack

14 dead, 11 injured in Mandera Al-Shabaab attack

Fourteen people have been confirmed dead and 11 others injured after Al-Shabaab militants attacked Soko Mbuzi area in Mandera Town Monday night.

Mandera County Commissioner Alex ole Nkoyo, who confirmed the attack, said it happened at about 2am at Soko Mbuzi Village while the villagers were fast asleep.

Nkoyo added that the Al-shabaab militants planted grenades on the doors but most of the people were sleeping in tents outside their houses due to the hot weather, which prompted them to shoot at the villagers indiscriminately.

They are believed to have escaped into nearby bushes when police on patrol arrived at the scene.

According to Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet, the injured were rushed to Mandera County Referral Hospital.

Of the 11 injured people, four were critically injured and are awaiting evacuation to Nairobi.

The attack comes barely a year after the terror group raided a quarry and killed 36 workers in December last year.