Form One student lynched after raping, killing 12-year-old girl

Form One student lynched after raping, killing 12-year-old girl

A 12-year old girl was raped then murdered and her body found hidden under a bed in Murang’a County.

Angry villagers who heard about the incident, found the suspect, a Form One student and lynched him.

The victim, Jecinta Wambui, had been left in the house when the perpetrator came for her.

“I returned home and didn’t find Wambui. I asked some children who were playing nearby and they told me that she had left with Duncan Wakahiu,” the sister, Grace Kabura said.

Ms. Kabura then requested the children to show her the boy’s home. She found his parents and told them she was looking for Wambui who had been seen going there.

According to her, when the parents summoned Wakahiu and questioned him about the girl’s whereabouts, he claimed that he had sent her to the shop to buy paraffin but she had not come back.

However, Ms. Kabura said the parents decided to search for the girl in his room as his story seemed suspicious. It is then that they found Wambui’s body under the bed and the boy fled from the home.

Irate villagers who launched a manhunt for 15-year-old Wakahiu, found him and beat him to death. The boy was a Form One student at Gituto Secondary School.

Josphat Chege, the father of the girl, was inconsolable saying his daughter did not deserve such a beastly act. He told reporters that his eldest daughter had called him at work when she discovered that Wambui was missing.

When he rushed home, he found people wailing and that is when he discovered that his younger daughter had been murdered.