12 hacked to death as Matungu gangsters reign terror

12 hacked to death as Matungu gangsters reign terror

The first is of 12 people who have so far have lost their lives in a wave of killings in Matungu constituency, Kakamega County.

The second is of at least 30 people who have been injured in the same attacks, maimed and their lives will never be the same again.

Residents staged a demonstration the Ejinja Administration Police Camp with their anger and frustration from the occurrences only feeding a narration of AP officers who have barely done anything

This has also led to the transfer of the area OCS and the AP officers there, the new team in some way providing new hope to the residents.

Two people are currently custody following those killings in Matungu.

According to the area OCPD John Matsili, the killings are the work of an organized group.

“It is an organized group, the way they execute their crime is the same, you find that they cut all their victims behind the neck,” said Matsili.

The past one-month has been doom to the locals of the small villages of Matungu and the stories they tell are those of the screams they heard from their neighbours when the gang members attacked them.

“These gangsters always come to the villages at around 2am and start hacking their victims,” said Allan Juma-Resident Matungu.

“The problem is by the time the police arrive, the gangsters have already moved to another village and continue with their attack,” said Japeth Mungai-Resident Matungu.

According to Stephen Rapach, the survivor of the latest incident last Saturday night, 5 men broke his house door, before entering and blinding his family with the lights from the torches they carried.

Their faces were covered, leaving space only for the eyes to see. They asked for money before descending on Rapach and his family with knives, clubs and hammers.

It was only until brave neighbours came to his rescue, at the time, Rapach was unconscious.