You cannot squat with butt implants

Cosmetic surgery can kill you

Did you know that once you have butt implants you are not supposed to ‘sit’ on them for three weeks? Not surprised? How about all those men you see flexing their muscles in selfies? Well some are not really the hard-earned muscles from the gym, yes! They are actually implants.

I found this out and more about cosmetic surgery and why you might want to reconsider that breast augmentation that you have been saving for since high school.

Sitting opposite the table to the well renowned soon to be famous plastic surgeon, the bright Nairobi afternoon sunlight shone across the room. I was curious but little did I know the nuggets of wisdom I was going to ingest.

Professor Stanley Ominde Khainga, who’s not less than six feet and a somber demeanor, has an astute knowledge of plastic surgery, a profession that he does with equal measure and passion.

He is currently the chairman of the Kenya Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (KSPRAS), a consultant at Kenyatta and Nairobi Hospitals (KNH) and a lecturer at University of Nairobi and Agha Khan University Teaching Hospital.

Cosmetic surgery is good and bad at the same time for you. Due to the advancement in technology and medicine people’s deformities such as congenital, which are present at birth or other deformities caused by cancer or accidents, can be corrected.


Cosmetic surgery procedures abused

However, there are those who abuse this privilege, the ones who want to be a Kim Kardashian look alike and Prof. Khainga attributes this to depression and mental instability.

“The procedures mostly abused are the minimally invasive procedures such as Botox injections fillers (increasing your lips) and liposuction,” he noted.

There are quacks, as Prof Khainga terms them, who inject you with industrial grade silicon instead of the medical grade one which can travel through the bloodstream and cause fatal lung clots.

“There have also been cases where one loses their limbs when injected with the industrial grade silicon on the buttocks. What does it benefit you to have a bigger bum so as to attract men? Sure you want to look good but not at life’s costs. Life is precious so cherish it.”

Also, butt implants are delicate. Prof Khainga says that butt implants can rupture. Ladies, you might have to think twice about doing those squats if you have butt implants.

The best bet you can go with is to use individual fats harvested from the inner thighs but even then, complications such as infections, bleeding and deformities may arise.

As much as low self-esteem may contribute to the need for changing your appearance to be more attractive, there are dangers and Prof. Khainga mentions that patients need to be advised and assisted before undergoing these procedures.

To have cosmetic surgery or not? That is the question. It has benefits especially when done by a profession but it also has its disadvantages such as clots, infections, bleeding and deformities that can cost your life.

Tread carefully when considering cosmetic surgery. Accept yourself the way you are; flaws and all and you just might realize that the only cosmetic surgery you needed was skin deep.