Visit us or we kill ourselves, UoN students tell Obama

University of Nairobi students have threatened to commit suicide if President Barrack Obama does not visit the institution when he visits Kenya later this month.

According to a letter drafted by Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) Chairman, Babu Owino; addressed to the US Ambassador to Kenya on Monday morning, at least 18 students have threatened to commit suicide.

The letter further states that at least 31 female students have threatened to urinate on the tree which President Obama planted in UoN when he visited the country, then Illinois Senator, in 2006 should he fail to visit Kenya.

Male students too have threatened to do ‘worse’ to the tree should Obama snub their invitation.

Calamitous, cataclysmic, and catastrophic are the words used to describe the consequences if Obama fails to visit the institution.

Babu Owino confirmed to Citizen Digital that the letter is indeed valid, and it was written by his mandate.

“The letter is true and official from office of the SONU chair. The number of students given has actually threatened to do what is stated. Some wrote to me, others spoke to me directly and for some, I heard about their threats from official letters addressed to the Students’ Governing Council. To prevent the stated from happening, I wish Obama visits UoN,” said the SONU Chair via phone.

Babu Owino further states in the letter that both students and staff will be waiting for Obama to visit the institution, and that they would allocate any time of day or night to meet the President occupying the world’s highest political office.

This comes at a time when different quarters of Kenyans have requested President Obama to visit their respective regions when he lands in the country.