Pastor orders congregation to eat live snakes

24-year-old South African preacher, Penuel Mnguni, has allegedly told his congregation to eat live snakes.

Mnguni, who is the leader of Soshanguve based End Times Disciples Ministries church, claims that he has supernatural power to transmute anything by simply issuing a command. According to a post on ministry’s official Facebook page on July 15, the pastor changed a live snake into ‘tasty chocolate’.

“Those with small faith eat only vegetables but the ones with great faith eat everything. During service, man of God commanded a snake to change into chocolate and it obeyed. People ate it and enjoyed the experience,” read the status update.

In the photos uploaded on social media, the pastor can be seen holding a snake while preaching. In the subsequent photo, he is seen feeding two congregants grey snakes.

This is not the first time the South African Pastor has done something bizarre. It was reported earlier this year he ordered his followers to strip naked in front of the congregation.

Mnguni has also been accused of telling his congregation to eat weave off a woman’s head. The pastor allegedly told them that the weave had turned into something more delicious than cake, and it would do no harm to their health.

“(The) Man of God held the braid of a woman at church and people ate it. It tasted better than cake,” read the Church’s Facebook post.

Mnguni is a mentee Rabboni Ministries leader, Prophet Lesego Daniel, who made headlines a few years ago for telling his congregation eats grass.

The ‘miracle’ of ‘turning snake into chocolate’ elicited reactions from social media users, with many expressing skepticism about the preacher’s intentions:

Cebo Jordan Sokhulumi: Pastor, this is not for God’s glory but yours. Stop what you are doing because you are humiliating God and your fellow Christians. Your actions are chasing away non-believers who want to repent.

Donald Thabang Lubana: No little brother. Faith is when you know that God will bring what was never there or created into existence. Faith is not turning something into another thing. That is magic; but a miracle it comes from God.

Sandile Preacher Hlophe: The pastor must repent for doing such to God’s people and abusing God’s word for personal gain.