Okiya Omtatah receives 2020 Heroes Award

Okiya Omtatah receives 2020 Heroes Award

Human Rights activist Okiya Omtatah has been feted with the 2020 Heroes Award.

Raphael Obonyo, an Advisor with the United Nations and the Convener of The Youth Congress presented the award to Omtatah on Saturday.

“This is a special award for individuals who keep doing their best, and give hope using their example, like Okiya Omtatah who continues to champion human rights and social justice,” Obonyo said.

“Mr Omtatah’s courage and selfless fight or human rights, is something we can all learn from and emulate,” he added.

Omtatah expressed his gratitude for the award explaining the importance of soldiering on and refusing to be compromised in the fight for justice.

“Thank you for this rare honor, to receive this recongnition is great inspiration. I’m incredibly grateful,” he said.

“Living to me means service to humanity. I don’t think you need to amass wealth, all you need to do is live a simple life, have character and serve the best way that you can,” he added

Every year, the Obonyo Foundation presents the Commendation Award to those people who have displayed outstanding initiative in championing for human rights and social justice sometimes at risk to themselves.