Nestle Kenya denies claims baby food is contaminated

Nestle Kenya denies claims baby food is contaminated

Nestle Kenya Limited on Wednesday dismissed reports that some of its products are not fit for human consumption.

In a statement to newsrooms, the company moved to assure their consumers that their products are safe for consumption.

This comes after a message that was making rounds on social media indicated that the company was recalling “all banana baby food expiring 2017 because it may contain glass” read the message in part.

In the message branded “ATTENTION URGENT!!!” parents were urged to forward the message in a bid to save a child’s life.

The company has since denied those claims terming them as erroneous.

According to the Regional Corporate Affairs Manager at Nestle Equatorial African Region Ms Brindah Chiniah, the Company found out of the misleading message on Tuesday evening after a concerned consumer forwarded it to them.

“This is an erroneous message that has been circulating on and off since 2011 following a precautionary recall in France that year of one batch of a specific product. Since then, the message keeps resurfacing, with variances in the message about the brand name and the expiry date,” said Ms Chiniah.