Men, It is your fault she cheated

The other day, I got a phone call from someone who used to be a very good friend of mine.

He was heartbroken and disillusioned. In a voice that was hoarse, he told me his girlfriend of three years had cheated on him.

“I knew she was ‘the one’ the moment I saw her, I was ready to wife her,” he told me, his voice cracking with emotion. “I don’t know what happened.”

I didn’t know how to tell him he was partly to blame for pushing his woman into another man’s arms, so I just sat and listened quietly as he sobbed.

That got me thinking and I came up with these top five reasons why women cheat:

1. Lack of attention and intimacy

Be honest. How long can you go without receiving love and attention before you look somewhere else?

Some women can go for only days or weeks while others can go for years.

However, in general, women need and desire intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional attention.

If a woman is not receiving this from her husband or boyfriend, it will only be a matter of time and she may seek it from another caring guy friend, the attentive guy who feeds her emotional needs at her workplace, or the hot trainer at the gym.

2. Feeling under-appreciated

When a woman is in a relationship, she likes to please her man.

Cooking a romantic dinner and buying sexy lingerie are just a few ways she may show her love and appreciation.

So what happens when she doesn’t hear “thank you, please or I love you”?

We all have thresholds, and once hers is reached, she may decide to act on a “thank you, please, or I love you” coming from another direction.

3. Going through a transition

Whether it is graduating, turning a certain age, losing a parent or advancing the relationship status, women become introspective,” Renee Lee, a relationship expert, explains to

Transitions can stir up an array of emotions and questions about where a woman’s life is going and where she is in the path her life is taking.

The discomfort of change can trigger an impulsive desire to find someone to take her focus off the change and be a diversion for what she is going through.

4. Busy boyfriends/husbands

Women like to spend time with the men they love.

If the man is too busy gaming, golfing, watching television, hanging out with the boys or working non-stop, there begins the problem.

Women need to talk about what is important to them and if you are not available, she will find other men who are willing and ready to talk to her.

There is nothing as bad as your woman having an emotional connection with another man. She will ultimately cheat on you.

5. Bad sex

Women need to feel desired and experience real orgasms during sex.

If women are getting bad sex, not enough sex, non-emotional sex, or “wham-bam-thank-you-mam” sex, they may eventually lose interest in the relationship and look elsewhere for good, mindblowing sex.

In my opinion, it is best to communicate your needs to your man with the hopes that he will step it up. However, communicate your needs delicately.

Of course there are other women who cheat for the thrill of it, but that is another article all together.

I do not know what will happen to my friend, his shattered heart and his cheating woman, but I do know that the success of a relationship begins with a real emotional connection

Women, think twice before you walk the dangerous path of indiscretion.

Men, spend an extra five minutes with your woman, compliment her and whisper words of love.

There is a lot to gain from the sparkle in a woman’s eyes.


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