Meet the #GitheriMan who has got the ‘world’ talking

He became an internet sensation just hours after a photo of him queuing while holding a plastic paper bag with Githeri (a traditional meal prepared by mixing and boiling maize and beans) to cast his ballot on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 went viral.

Martin Kamotho, 41, a father of one and a resident of Nairobi’s Kayole estate is now a darling of the internet with tens of memes with his conspicuous meal cropping up.

The City County Government of Nairobi cleaner, while speaking to Citizen TV said that being a low-income earner, he cannot afford a decent breakfast and had to grab what is within his means.

Mr Kamotho, said that his inspiration to queue for long hours to cast his vote, was motivated by the need to install a new crop of leaders who are mindful of the people’s welfare.

Under the hashtag #GitheriMan, Kenyans on Twitter went into a frenzy in a meme challenge that made the humorous Kamotho travel round the world in hours and even feature in some of the most popular movies.

— Simon Ngania™ (@SimonNgania) August 10, 2017

— Mahdi Mahamad (@MahdiMahamadYsf) August 10, 2017


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