Meet Rosemary Wambui Kagotho: Househelp from Solai who scored B-

Meet Rosemary Wambui Kagotho: Househelp from Solai who scored B-

For Rosemary Wambui Kagotho, passing the KCSE exams nine years ago brought both joy and immense sadness.

Her family, though poor, had managed to see her through primary and secondary school in Nakuru.

She told Citizen Digital that it was through hard work and support from her kin that she was able to score a B- in the 2011 national exams.

Her grades were so outstanding that two years later, she secured an opportunity to study at a British institution.

Wambui won a full sponsorship for Bedfordshire University in the United Kingdom.

She had always dreamed of leaving her home in Maili Kumi, Bahati Sub County to study journalism.

Her intentions were to gain skills and knowledge that she would come back home with and get a job to alleviate her family’s suffering.

However, poverty chased away her dreams as she could only raise Ksh. 20,000; not enough to cater for her flight from Nairobi to London.

She was distraught and gave up on education.

Wambui then left Nakuru for Nairobi to seek employment as a househelp in one of Nairobi’s suburbs.

She managed to get a job where she was paid Ksh. 5,000.00 every month.

While working in Nairobi, one of her friends told her that Bahati MP Kimani Ngujiri could help her to go back to school.

Though unsure of a second chance, she decided to take up the offer and got a full sponsorship to join Garissa KMTC for a course in nursing.

She is now in her second year and is hopeful for a better tomorrow for her and her family.

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