Marry me, women tell single CBK governor nominee

Soon after Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Nominee Dr Patrick Ngugi Njoroge revealed he is single, women took to social media to ask for his hand in marriage.

The Yale educated 54-year-old made the revelation on Tuesday as MPs vetted him for the position of CBK Governor.

“I am single by choice, it’s not because there’s a problem or shortage,” Njoroge told the vetting panel.

His comments caused a stir on online with many asking a man of his age and means would want to be a bachelor.

So heated was the online debate that local radio stations picked up the conversations on their breakfast shows.

Waste of natural resources

One woman went to the extent of asking Citizen TV for the presidential nominee’s number, calling his singleness a waste of natural resources.

“Citizen TV nitafutie number CBK Governor…..Mayoooooo Mayooooo na vile ni msupuu. Waste of natural resources!” said Beatrice Ndung’u.

Even as women declared their intentions for accomplished International Monetary Fund (IMF) advisor, others asked why his marital status was brought up in the vetting process.

“Why is it that being a bachelor is an issue of discussion in vetting the proposed CBK Governor?” asked Sylvia Wasike.

“What does Dr. Njoroge’s marital status have to do with job delivery at CBK? MPS should not be allowed to vet professional positions. They are petty, selfish and not equipped. They did the same to Dr Monicah Juma,” contributed Njoroge Njeri.

Their comments were echoed by David Mbogo, who asked why people were making a fuss of Dr Njoroge’s marital status yet many women leaders are also single.

“Many men are single by choice, I don’t know why this seems special, he will be dealing with currency not women! So many women in power are single, why don’t we talk about them?” David posed.

As the discussion raged on, ‘CBK Governor’ rose to the top of the Kenyan trends. Here are some of the most interesting posts:

Leila Han Shi: Bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn’t they’d be married too.

Nancy Karani: Marriage is different thing from your qualifications. Am 35 and a happy single woman and am not regretting at all. My single my choice kwani?.

Dorry Doreen Muge: Nipe ma nagos ya the Governor…. Contacts tu na mkae kado… next week it will be single but dating.

George Olekete:  Quite safe. A better choice to be single, especially for a man from Nyeri.

@LordGichohi : The Much a man can achieve when single; 1. Chris Kirubi – Billonaire 2. Willy Mutunga-Chief Justice 3. Dr Ngugi – Nominee CBK

Governor@Nyagah: Now when your parents start pressuring you to bring a girl home you can tell them the CBK Governor is 54, straight & single. Thank you Jesus!

@ComedyCentralKE : Ladies in celebratory mood after CBK Governor declares he is single!!

@musyokadavid151 : @HUDDAHMONROE @VeraSidika BREAKING NEWS; CBK governor nominee still single. Let me not hear any socialite complaining ati uchumi mbaya