How to make pancakes in five quick steps

How to make pancakes in five quick steps

Pancakes as part of breakfast or tea-time snack are common.

However, some people complain that when they are making pancakes, the are either too thick or too light and sometimes even stick to the pan.

But learning how to make pancakes is not difficult.

With the right ingredients, proper pan and appropriate heat, the delicious meal can make for a sumptuous feast.

Below is how to make pancakes using five quick steps:


Self – raising flour flour

2 eggs

1 cup milk

Pinch of salt

1 tablespoon sugar

2-3 tablespoon of oil


  1. Put all ingredients in a clean bowl and whisk together until the mixture is smooth, thick and  free of lumps (Remember to add a table spoon of oil in the mixture to avoid them sticking on the pan).
  2. Heat your pan over medium heat and put oil on the pan
  3. Pour the pancake mix on the pan until full
  4. Cook until it turns brown and turn it to the other side and cook till brown
  5. Repeat this process till all the pancakes are cooked

Famous chef Betty Crocker says they are five common mistakes that people make when preparing pancakes.

According to her, light pans are your worst enemy when making pancakes; you should use a a large cast-iron skillet available from any supermarket.

The amount of batter you pour into the pan is also important. Ensure the pan is sizzling hot, take a teaspoon of margarine then use a 1/4-cup measuring cup to scoop the batter onto the pan.

Crocker also notes that you shouldn’t turn the pancakes until they puff up and bubbles form on top.

Unlike chapatis, pancakes should be flipped only once and cooked until they are golden brown.

You can serve them plain or with either yorghurt, slices of banana or strawberries and even honey.