How lack of sleep is making you fat


“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” said Ernest Hemingway, the renowned author and journalist while confessing his love for sleep.

If he knew what has become of the world today, he would write that statement in bold and scream atop a mountain so that you all get to hear this message.

You see, with our hyper-connected, hyperactive and workaholic lives, things are falling apart even though we like to tell ourselves that we have everything in check.

I know what sleeplessness can do because I have been sleepless. Some nights would be just horrible and sleep wouldn’t come. I would quickly start fidgeting on my phone, scrolling through FB or whatever other forum I could get to.

Then, in my night expedition, I would come across other night wanderers under the hashtag #Insomniareloaded but I am glad I have overcome that. Thank God for small mercies.

Besides insomnia, there are the workaholics. They will work in the office, work in the car, work at home. These are the people who carry their tablets to the toilet to finish up sending a work email.

Everything about them leaks of work. You can tell by the bloody look in their eyes. Their irritability cup overfloweth.

So what really happens to you if you do not get enough sleep?

You and irritability are solid friends – You know them. They come into a meeting looking all grumpy and woe unto you if you cross their path. It is as if a volcano has erupted. Their levels of irritability are intoxicating. Here is the thing. Lack of sleep will ruin your day, week and life if you do not tame it.

It is not just a problem for you, it affects other people as well especially when working in an environment where team-working is the norm.

There is scientific evidence that lack of sleep can cause emotional disorders, anxiety and even depression.

Lack of sleep makes you fat – If you are not getting adequate zzzzzs, chances are you feel hungry all the time and crave sugary foods. That increased appetite can easily lead to obesity. The reason is, when you lack sleep, the body increases the release of a chemical known as ghrelin which is responsible for stimulating appetite and suppresses the production of leptin is the chemical that suppresses it. Studies show that these fluctuations are responsible for the cravings as your energy levels are also affected.

During the day, the temptation to reach for sugary pick-me-ups to keep you going has you saying one last time. Before long, “one last time” becomes a whole chocolate or packet of biscuits. Couple this with lack of exercise and you will not need science to explain why you are gaining weight.

Lack of sleep can harm productivity – Your work is not just about the hours you put into the grind. There is also the element of the quality of work you are able to put out.

With adequate sleep, your creativity, confidence, concentration are elevated. Sleep ensures that our cognitive functions are higher hence our productivity is enhanced. The opposite is true.

Lack of adequate sleep is a huge public health concern, especially on the roads. Often, it has been blamed for road carnage especially by truck drivers who are on the road for days.

Your ingenuity, confidence, leadership, and decision-making can all be enhanced simply by getting enough sleep.

Lack of sleep will make you sick: Some of the diseases associated with lack of adequate sleep are; Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

So, every time you convince yourself that you are working hard to earn some money, always remember that you are taking away your longevity. Lack of sleep is not something to be proud of, I have heard people boasting about how they will sleep when they are dead.

What is stopping you from getting enough sleep? You may have to do some serious homework if you suffer from insomnia or apnea both of which impede your ability to get adequate sleep. That way, you are able to seek the necessary care.

If you are just chasing shillings and stealing your sleeping time, you need to re-order your life. What is the use of working so hard then using the same hard-earned money to pay hospital bills for something you have control over?

Bottom line; Your body needs sleep the same way it needs oxygen, food and water.