Everything you wanted to know about Hormonal Contraception… but were too shy to ask

We’re back!

This week we will address pregnancy prevention.

Today we talk hormones, basically what we try to achieve with hormones are to try and alter your cycles to either prevent ovulation or make the environment so harsh for any sperm and ova to survive.

Broadly speaking there are two hormones, estrogen, and progesterone that we take either alone or in combination.

How do I make that choice?

First, you and your partner must sit down and discuss these options and what works best for you. Remember the hormones end up in your body and not his. So men should be cognisant of that fact and help your partner make wise healthy choices.

Secondly, cost. Choose something that will not bankrupt you. Fortunately, in these gender sensitive times, most governments zero tax such products hence for as little as Ksh100 a month you can get some form of contraception.

Convenience. this is very important: some pills have to be taken at the same time every day or they will lose their efficacy. So if you are a busy executive with unpredictable schedules or you just have the memory of a goldfish get those dated packs or pill organiser to remind you or something reliable and convenient for you like a fiixed implant or long term injection

Religion. If you’re a conservative Catholic like me, contraception is a sin so you should stop reading this article right here. But then the Pope recently relaxed the rules.

So what are my options

An E-Pill

The guy who invented this stuff is still alive in his 70s or something and is still a virgin! I met him at Charite Hospital in my days in Berlin.

This contains a high dose of a type of progesterone that makes it hard for fertilized egg to implant in the uterus.

Dosage. One pill every 12 hours or both at once. DO NOT take more than twice a month as it is an emmergency option ONL.

Side effects: Heavy or delayed menses.

A Mini-Pill

This is a daily pill that contains progeston hormone. It works by basically thickening the mucus plug around the cervix and in some instances by inhibiting ovulation.

Advantages of this pill include low or no risk of getting blood clots. It can be taken by women who smoke or those over 35 or women that suffer from migraines.

Disadvantages include convenience as it must be taken daily at roughly the same time.

A Combined Pill

This works by preventing ovulation as well as making the cervical mucus plug.

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