5 ways to celebrate menopause

5 ways to celebrate menopause

Today is a special day set for iconic women in our society. It therefore goes without saying that I cannot keep calm, so here goes something, happy Menopause Day!

As the name menopause suggests, this is a stage associated with a lot of “pauses” in a woman’s life. No more birthing, a sigh of relief to no cramps or unexpected pregnancies.

Basically, goodbye young motherhood and hello grey hair.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not an exit stage rather a discovery one. As this articles gives you reasons to celebrate menopause it also recognises two facts; The average age of menopause is 51 years and transitioning into menopause can be stressful, even frustrating.

Regardless, cheer up and make this mantra your newly found religion “menopause is not a disease, it is a discovery stage”.

Simply inject recommended lifestyle changes to your routine and make your ride less bumpy.

Meanwhile, here is how to celebrate and embrace menopause.

  1. You are a mother

It goes without saying that you have invested your time, energy, emotions and money into birthing, raising and nurturing your children. Give yourself some credit; you are a figure of inspiration to your family, friends and acquaintances. If you are at menopause, it simply means you are no longer changing diapers. Your once upon a time minions are now fully grown. You have achieved what motherhood dictates, if you ask me, that is a call for a celebration.

  1. Tea parties

No more baby showers and hosting children parties. This is your time to let go and live more. It is living 16 at 50 and thereabouts, so host that tea get-together, call your chama members, campus alumni or even work colleagues. Open a few wine bottles and spur laughter in the room as you chat about life and rekindle friendships.

3. Your money

When is the last time you said “my money”. As a mother, it is never really your money; it’s for school fees, housekeeping, kids allowances, kids day out and buying your monthly sanitisers.

As menopause thickens, demands from children reduce. With your savings, spoil yourself a little; get yourself a killer outfit, an expensive facial kit to keep aging lines away, frequent the massage parlour for a therapeutic session. For the first time, treat your spouse to a candle lit dinner in the house with no disruptions from the kids. That is how you celebrate menopause.

  1. Time to travel

You do not have surplus time to bargain; you have just enough to time to satisfy a wishlist. Take a trip down south or up north. You have that one place you have always wanted to visit. Be it South Africa, Dubai or to the monks in Bali, surprise yourself by making that call. If you are on a tight budget then tour Kenya, visit a couple of children homes and support groups, give back to society in the best way you know how.

  1. Invest

It may not necessarily be your time to retire at work but it might be the right time to take a leap and explore entrepreneurship. Open your own business that will allow you to make money at your convenience. It could be poultry farming or any business of your desires.

To all the women transitioning into menopause, despair not, for this is a vibrant age meant for more discovery.


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