5 disrespectful things Kenyan women do to men

5 disrespectful things Kenyan women do to men

Sometimes we, men, get completely oblivious to the disregard the women we love most display.

Some women are very cunning: she will do an act of disrespect and expect you to keep your beak shut – never to complain even a bit. If you dare raise your voice, you will be met with the mother of all insults.

She will try to make you believe that you portrayed arrogance by pointing out her discourteous actions.

No, man you didn’t – she is acting badly and you should not stomach it.

Don’t be fooled by her curves. The truth is, you should be experienced enough to know beauty only goes so far.

If she is as fine as goblet wine and as disrespectful as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, then you are a fool if you are still with her. Accept my apology, buddy and let’s move on.

So here is a list of things you should not accept from your woman:

  1. Flirting with another man on social media

Rule number one: A woman who flirts with other men will never make a good partner.

If she’s doing this, then you are alone in the relationship. If you are married to her, or even just dating – something is completely wrong.

That man she is flirting with is a plane ticket away from sleeping with her.

Stand up, flex your muscles and cancel that ticket. Put that man in his place or throw your love certificate out of the window.

But first things first – let her know she’s playing with fire by cuddling up to that lad.

  1. Going through your cell phone

Unless you have given her the green light, your cell phone is strictly out of bounds.

What kind of weakness have you exhibited so that she feels comfortable enough to do this?

Put an end to it.  You know the kind of eyes you give to that man who ogles lustfully at her bum in the club? Now next time, you should give her the same look when sneaks a peek at your phone.

If she has the curves, intelligence, a heart-warming personality – why would she stoop low to peep through your messages?

  1. Carrying the hang-arounder everywhere with her

You know that one guy – the guy who hangs out with your woman’s parents?

When you ask, she gives you unclear explanations about who he is.  Quite often when you go for an escapade in the woods he tags along… simply because he is her ‘best friend’.

Dude, put an end to this “best friend” nonsense!  That guy will exchange vows with her and leave you looking like a fool.

The hang-arounder in most instances is usually the childhood boyfriend who has nothing else going on. The problem is that this guy knows her completely and he’s very patient.  He’s playing the long game and he knows he’ll marry her in the end.

If your woman insists on adding him to your plans, she is disrespecting you. You are the man she should acknowledge that fact by kicking out that opportunist who is waiting to pounce on her.

  1. Keeping you on the sidelines

Ladies might not understand this, but there is a golden rule: if a dude approaches you in anyway outside of work, school or family­ – he definitely wants you.

Now let me expound. A myriad of men get into the friend zone and are unhappy there.

They are there perhaps because their game was below par, so the woman feigned minimal interest and now the guy hangs around hoping one day he will grab some pity booty out of the deal.

Brother, if she wants and respects you, she will not put you on the sidelines. But if you are a mat to step on, she will call you when the main man is not around, tease you but not allow you in her heart.

  1. Not valuing your time

This happened to me once – I travelled 480 kilometers away to go meet memsahib in the Coastal town of Mombasa after applying for a few days’ leave.

When I arrived with all the gifts – a dress, silver necklace, shoes, ring and a very loving heart, the joker did not turn up at the station to pick me.

Her phone was not going through, texts were not being delivered.

I booked into a hotel for the night, licked my wounds and booked the earliest bus back to Nairobi.  In my mind, I was 110 percent done with her.

When I arrived in Nairobi at around 2:30 pm, the joker texted me: “I am sorry about yesterday. I fainted and was rushed for emergency treatment at the hospital. I have just regained my consciousness few minutes ago. Can we meet in the evening? I miss you a lot. Xoxo.”

The joker did not know I had seen her account online on Facebook the whole night, I also saw she updated several statuses where one read: “Having fun with my girls in Diani, Ukunda. You Only Live Once!”


I rest my case.

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