Ten foods you should cook before you hit 30

Ten foods you should cook before you hit 30

By the time we hit 30 most of us have learnt a thing or two about feeding ourselves, specifically preparing at least one decent meal.

Some meals are so important in the Kenyan society that ruining a dish could earn you a bad reputation.

To save you the trouble, below are ten foods that you should learn how to make by the time you hit 30.

  1. Ugali

If you live in Kenya and by 30 you can’t make a decent ugali meal, I’m sorry but your youth is wasted, food-wise.

Ugali is the food that can get you divorced. In some communities making bad ugali is akin to asking for a second wife.

If your ugali is too hard you will get sneers and the stink eye from your guests, but my friend if it’s too soft or a tad bit uncooked, you’re going back to your mum’s house to ‘learn how to cook’.

Learn to make this meal for your own good.

  1. Beef stew

We love our meat, and we love it tasty. No one can stand a poorly cooked beef stew.

Throw in beef fry too for good measure. Depending on which part of Kenya you come from, ruining a potentially good meal of nyama fry amounts to disrespect and could get you killed, socially or politically at least.

  1. Sukuma wiki

This meal is a staple in Kenyan homes. When you’re broke you eat sukuma wiki, when you’re pregnant you crave sukuma wiki, when you’re bored, rich – simply – when you’re Kenyan you eat sukuma wiki so it better be good.

  1. Githeri

This is another staple. You can make any variation of the meal: mukimo, irio, githeri chafua (with a few pieces of beef) or boiled githeri.

If you’re marrying a man from central Kenya and its environs, better know how to make this meal for a happy home.

  1. Rice

We love our rice. You can make many variations of the dish.

Common recipes include fried rice, steamed rice and pilau. Please learn how to make a decent plate of rice, chances are you will make it countless times for your guests.

  1. Spaghetti

Learn to make yourself some sumptuous spaghetti. This is a convenient meal that even 10-year-olds can make.

It is particularly common in the homes of bachelors and single women because of its convenience (it comes in handy at midnight after a night out with the boys).

  1. Scrambled eggs

Which Kenyan worth their salt cannot cook decent scrambled eggs?

No one. That’s the answer. You must learn this one.

  1. Chapati

Chapati is a staple at every party and most Kenyan men and children love chapati. It is a family meal and a Kenyan heritage.

Christmas is not Christmas without chapati!

If you cant make this meal, take the next matatu and go home, ask the famous village cook for help.

  1. Chicken

Make a decent kienyeji chicken once a while. Your in laws will love it, you will love it and so will your man/woman.

  1. Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest meat you can take; it is especially beneficial for those looking to lose weight.

If you come from the lakeside, fish making skills are in your DNA, but if you don’t, call a friend from there to teach you or watch recipes on YouTube.