Why rapper Moustapha could soon convert to Christianity

Why rapper Moustapha could soon convert to Christianity

Kenyan artiste Colonel Moustapha says he is now considering converting to Christianity to facilitate his marriage with his new flame, a gospel singer he refers to as ‘my Queen.’

Speaking to Citizen Digital, the Lenga Stress singer said either he or his girlfriend would cross religious borders ahead of their marriage; which they are planning for.

“I love this woman so much. However, the elephant in the room is religion. If you can remember, my relationship with singer Marya crumbled because of religious differences.”

“This time round I won’t let the same repeat itself. I am ready to cross over to Christianity; but she too can convert to Islam; time will tell – one of us has just to let go of their current religion,” said Moustapha.

The singer, who recently told Citizen Digital that his girlfriend has changed him for the better, added that he has reduced alcohol intake, takes more quantities of traditional foods, has reduced on red meat intake, regularly hits the gym and that he is more responsible.

“My alcohol intake has reduced drastically; something I am proud of. I also eat a lot of managu, terere and other greens. I can go for a whole week without taking red meat.”

Moustapha told Citizen Digital that the meal timetable is prepared by none other than his ‘queen’.

“I just wish I had met my queen earlier. She is a miracle to me; the rib I had been missing for so long,” he said.

He added on top of healthy meals, he works on being fit: “If you can meet me now, you’d see kitambi kimepungua. You called me when I was just from hitting the gym. ‘Queen’ too was there with me skipping her rope, flexing and doing her aerobics. I totally love this life.”

Colonel Moustapha recently released a new single ‘Panga Pangua’ featuring Coastal-based artiste, Brown Mauzo. The song is rapidly taking spots in the charts.

The singer will next weekend hold a performance in Salgaa, Nakuru County.

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