Why fans are worried about “Gold Digger” singer Jackie Chandiru

Why fans are worried about “Gold Digger” singer Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru has reportedly been thrown out of her Bukasa apartment in Muyenga, Kampala because she can’t pay her rent.

The singer, who is currently admitted at a rehab facility in Bunamwaya, is battling drug addiction – a fight that has drastically reduced her previously voluptuous frame, consequently worrying many of her fans.

The photos of a despondent Jackie Chandiru have since circulated on social media.

Uganda Online says at the time of her eviction, Ms Chandiru’s relatives were staying in the house. They were forced to clear the rent accrued on the property before they were allowed to move her property.

After her struggles with drug addiction sprang up, Jackie Chandiru was admitted to the Mulago Hospital for emergency treatment. Afterwards, she was transferred to a rehabilitation centre along Entebbe-Kampala road in Kisubi for close supervision.

Uganda Online reports that authorities are holding in custody a suspect, identified as Bob Mugarura, who is accused of selling hard drugs to the singer.

The outlet adds: “As Ms Chandiru was moving to another house after being evicted from the one she was living in, she used some of the drugs that were delivered by Mr Mugarura and blacked out shortly after.”

It is then that Jackie’s neighbours alerted police to investigate Bob’s dealings.

Jackie Chandiru was part of the now defunct Blu3 all girl group. The bombshell trio comprised of Chandiru, Cindy Sanyu and Lilian Mbabazi.

Jackie dated Kampala city lawyer, Caleb Alaka – a relationship which saw her get into a series of fights with the lawyer’s wife. This love triangle inspired her to compose her hit song, Gold Digger.

Thereafter, Jackie Chandiru dated a Dutch lover who quickly walked her down the aisle, but it turned out that the man had other women.


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