Why Ali Kiba did not marry any of his 3 baby mamas

From hits like Cinderella, Mwana, Mac muga, and Chekecha Cheketua, Ali Kiba has made a name for himself in East Africa’s lucrative music industry. Music aside, not many people know about his personal life.

During an interview on Chill na Sky, the singer opened up about his personal life, revealing the reason why he has not yet married any of his three baby mamas.

The 29-year-old heartthrob says he’s never tied the knot because he is yet to find a suitable mate –one who ‘gets’ his thinking.

“You can’t force love. When I am searching for a spouse, I always try to find the one who we will have a mutual understanding with when it comes to different issues that may arise,” he said.

So did he initiate relationships with the three for the sole purpose of siring children, or did he foresee a future?

“I wanted to stay with all of the three women but things changed as time went by. Sometimes you fight with one, next you fight with another then they all move on with other people, that for me cannot work,” he explained.

However, all is not doom and gloom in his personal life. The Tanzanian sensation said that his three children motivate him to work even harder so that he could be able to provide for them.

He says wants his children to grow in a righteous manner. Kiba says he want to influence his children positively, ensuring that they do not get misguided.