What Rufftone told President Kenyatta to get back his daughter

What Rufftone told President Kenyatta to get back his daughter

Kenyan gospel singer Rufftone and his family were last year invited by President Uhuru Kenyatta to State House for End of Year Party, a ceremony that saw something unusual occur.

The veteran artiste attended the dinner party with his wife Susan Njoki Mwaura, better known as Krystal, and their six-month-old daughter Kerren.

During the evening of December 23, 2015 Rufftone, being one of the acclaimed artistes in the room, was called forward to perform for the guests.

The Mungu Baba star took the chance to call his wife and daughter to introduce them officially to President Kenyatta and the First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta.

“I was amazed President Uhuru was the first person my kid is unfamiliar with, but relented to leave his arms,” said Rufftone. It was unusual for Kerren to resist leaving a stranger’s arms,” Rufftone told Citizen Digital.

“To me, it meant the president has a clean heart. Only kids have been given the ability by God to sense people with bad spirits or evil intentions. When Kerren relaxed in the president’s arms, I was impressed,” added the gospel icon.

Rufftone says it reached a point he wanted his daughter back, as he feared ‘losing Kerren to the president for good’ saying that she was very comfortable in his arms that it provoked jealousy in him.

“It hit me I had to do something. I hence told President Kenyatta: “Tuheshimiane, huyo mtoto ni wangu bana; si wa State House (Let’s respect each other. That child is mine; she does not belong to State House; at least for now). He and everyone in the room burst into a thunder of laughter before passing her over to me. But it was on a lighter note.”

“Honestly, it was a very humbling experience,” Rufftone said.

All through the happening, his wife was very composed, though still in disbelief of being in the presence of the Head of State.

“Krystal was left speechless! She could not believe that she was dining with the country’s First Family. Nilimwangalia, na nikamwambia: ‘si ndiye huyu president, si um-hug hata. Krystal alipigwa na butwaa ile ya kimataifa.”

“After that is when Krystal lamented she wished she’d shared a chat with Uhuru. The only words she told him and the First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta during the dinner were: ‘it’s such an honour meeting you.’”

“However, she is naturally a very calm lady – never jumpy, or hyper social,” said Rufftone.

Rufftone and fellow gospel singer Krystal exchanged vows in July 2014 in a colourful wedding.

Apparently, when the couple announced their wedding date, President Kenyatta and Margaret Kenyatta gladly sponsored their wedding.