What DJ Kriss Darlin says about Wajir man who stabbed wife in the cheek

    What DJ Kriss Darlin says about Wajir man who stabbed wife in the cheek

    Popular reggae Disc Jockey and events MC Kriss Darlin has strongly condemned the act of a Wajir man, identified as Mohamed Deeq, who injured his wife in a family dispute in Khorof Harar, Wajir County on Wednesday evening.

    Ms Fatuma Ibrahim, 32, suffered stab wounds on her thigh, abdomen and arms, but the most horrific injury from the brutal attack was on her cheek. After stabbing her severally, her husband impaled her face, getting the knife stuck in her cheek.

    Doctors at Wajir Referral Hospital tried severally to dislodge the knife, but they were and unsuccessful. She was, therefore, transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) for surgery.

    An X-ray image of Ms Ibrahim’s head showed the knife entered her skull on the right side and the tip of the blade exited on the right. The mother of four’s face was swollen, her mouth dry, and her own blood was caking in her long hair.

    Early Friday, January 8, Ms Ibrahim underwent a successful surgery at KNH.

    The brutal incident, which attracted public outburst from Kenyans has caught the attention of Kriss Darlin who has strongly condemned the act.

    “I’d advocate for the culprit to be imprisoned once investigations are complete, and he’s found guilty. It was very sad to watch the news of what the man did to his wife; if it reaches that point when a man does that to a woman then I don’t see why he should continue living with other people in the society,” said Kriss.

    The spin master however has fears that Ibrahim could forgive Deeq.

    “Many a times, ladies are sympathetic. One of these good days you would hear the wife pleading that the man shouldn’t be imprisoned. She’ll probably come out and alert the public and her community that she has forgiven her husband,” expressed the renowned radio deejay.

    “Community elders would mediate and okay the forgiveness and reunion. Later on the same incident, or even worse, might reoccur. But it is love that fuels one to forgive,” he added.

    Kriss Darlin concluded by saying he cannot subscribe to domestic violence to resolve dispute.

    “Personally I can never beat a woman. However, the problem with some Kenyan women is that they provoke men to be physically violent against them. Some will tell you: ‘nipige, nipige; mpaka anachukua mkono wako anajipiga mwenyewe!”

    “I have witnessed such kind of self-provoked violence by many women,” he said.