#WCW: Size 8 reveals details of difficult pregnancy

Celebrated gospel singer Linnet Munyali, better known Size 8, has opened up about the difficulties she is going through with her pregnancy, terming it (pregnancy) a non-joke!

Speaking to Citizen Digital, the Mateke hitmaker divulged extensively about her third trimester, which she says has given her respect for motherhood.

“The pregnancy has rendered me literally immobile; my legs are swollen; nakaa tu kama elephant (I look like an elephant)! They (legs) frequently hurt,” she disclosed.

The singer who usually delivers energetic performances intimated that her back hurts big time, adding that she doesn’t get comfortable rest due to the movement of the baby in the womb.

“I rarely get enough sleep as I have to brave the painful night of a baby kicking and turning in my womb,” she lamented.

Size 8 says the pregnancy has made her go slow on appointments and activities she used to do before.

“I cannot agree to studio interviews because I am not sure how I’d wake up the day of the interview – I fear telling somebody ‘yes’ for an interview, then on the slated date, I fail to turn up due to, let’s say, swollen legs, aching back…”

Like-mother-like baby, Size 8‘s unborn bundle of joy is better at throwing mateke; beating its mum hands down.

In reference to the baby’s kicks, she said: “Eh, wacha tu! I tell you the baby’s throwing mateke more than the mother – it’s kicking so painfully!”

Size 8 has featured alongside Willy Paul, Gloria Muliro and Kambua in a new jam, Sijafika, which is currently sweeping the airwaves.

She, however, admitted shooting the video for the hit was not easy since her pregnancy gave her a hard time.

She narrated: “I remember the day when I was to go shoot the video for Sijafika with Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro the baby’s weight lay more on the left side of my body; which put a lot of pressure on my left leg.”

“My legs were hurting! I even told Willy Paul I could not make it for the shoot. But he insisted so much and asked me to try my best,” she added.

“I refused, but my husband, DJ Mo, who was in Narok at that time ordered a cab for me which picked me from home and took me to the location of the shoot. It had to take his intervention,” she said amid chuckle.

“At the shoot it was not any better; as I had to ask the director to stop the action for a while so that I could rest.”

Size 8 said she’s always had respect for mothers, but being a mum-to-be has increased her respect for mums.

“My experience with this pregnancy has taught me why the Bible put a lot of emphasis on mothers – it’s not a joke carrying a pregnancy for nine months. Women go through a lot!”

How does the gospel bigwig maintain her fitness?

“I do a lot of exercise; I walk a lot, but I do not engage in heavy work.”

“I also eat a balanced diet; I make sure every meal I take has all the required nutrients to make a pregnancy healthy,” she revealed.

Pregnancies are known to come with cravings; Size 8 has not been spared.

“I crave Ice cubes! Goodness! I eat them a lot to the point that my husband urges me to go slow thinking I will harm the baby.”

The Ambassador for God’s Gift Day Care in Buruburu says her love for kids has increased after she got pregnant.

Before we conclude the interview, Size 8 asks to be excused as the baby kicked yet again.

We celebrate her as our #WCW today.

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