#WCW: Singer Avril reveals what is delaying her wedding

#WCW: Singer Avril reveals what is delaying her wedding

Feted Kenyan songstress Judith Mwangi Nyambura, better known Avril, has revealed that introduction process between her family and that of her South African fiancé is delaying her wedding.

Speaking to Citizen FM’s Mambo Mseto Show on Monday, November 16, Avril disclosed her wedding will take place in 2016.

“My wedding will happen next year (2016),” she said.

Without confirming the exact date of her wedding, she divulged details why her much anticipated union has not taken place soon despite being engaged to the businessman since February 14, 2014.

“Most of the time, a wedding ceremony is done for the parents. Once the two families meet and introductions are done, then we can be given the green light to wed,” she intimated.

In a 2014 interview she also explained why her wedding was taking long to materialise.

Avril told: “The wedding will not be that soon. He is Zulu and I am Kikuyu and there are some cultural things involved in the entire process.”

The ‘cultural things’ are what Avril says are currently holding her back from her nuptials.

“If you are a parent, and your child reaches that age she should settle down, and she’s identified the person she’d love to spend the rest of her life with, you’ll have to conduct background check on the partner she’s chosen,” she stated.

“For my case, there are still some background checks being done,” revealed the voluptuous entertainer.

Asked what she will do if her parents find her fiancé ‘unfit’ for marriage, Avril said: “I will take some time to try and talk over things with them because at the end of the day, marriage will be between him and I.”

“If they (parents) are not impressed with my choice, I will just have to force them to,” she concluded.

The jovial singer first made public her relationship with her South African lover in February 2014.

“I am dating a very loving man from South Africa and he is based there, not Kenya as many people have said. We met in 2012 and we became quite good friends from then on. We did not start dating until sometime in 2013 and in him I have found a man of my dreams, a real gentleman,” said Avril.

Now that she has confirmed the wedding will indeed take place in 2016, will she raise her family in South Africa or Kenya?

“Kenya is my home but if we get married, I am obligated as an African woman to be with my husband. With my man being the sweetheart he is, I am sure we will have homes in both countries,” she told.