#WCW: Kenya’s top female DJs – More than just beauty on the decks

#WCW: Kenya’s top female DJs – More than just beauty on the decks

For a long time, deejaying was considered a manly profession. With time, traditional players in the industry have reluctantly opened up the industry to blooming female Djs.

Expectedly, it is a challenge for female DJs who are venturing into an area predominantly dominated by their male counterparts. In a bid to appreciate this dynamism, Citizen Digital dedicates today’s #WCW to Kenya’s top female DJs, and looks into the journey of three.

Pierra Makena

DJ Pierra Makena is known for her voluptuous body PHOTO/PIERRA MAKENA

She is undoubtedly the most popular female DJ in the country. DJ Pierra is known for her elite spinning, voluptuous body, melodious voice, sass and charm. The gorgeous DJ has an infectious smile and adorable personality to boot.

After fighting for her space in the industry for the past few years, Pierra has carved out a niche for herself. Thanks to her mastery of the decks, the 34-year-old has toured the world.

Mentored by mix master extraordinaire DJ Crème de la Crème, the beautiful DJ has entered into the enviable club of Kenya’s most sought after entertainers. Today, she is proudly playing on the same stage with her mentor.

Before turning to the turntables, DJ Pierra was known for her acting. During her study days at Chogoria Girls High School, a local daily highlighted her consummate performance at the National Schools and Colleges Drama Festivals. Her acting thrust her into the entertainment industry at the tender age of 17.

Pierra is best known for her roles in Citizen TV’s Tahidi High and KBC’s Kisulisuli. She also played Cindy Kamau in MNet’s Changes.

In 2014, she teamed-up with feted Nollywood actor Jim Iyke and TV personality Eku Edewor in the Ghanaian film When Love Comes Around.

An alumnus of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Pierra studied Radio Production.

The well-rounded entertainer is an automobile enthusiast as well. During a competition organized by Shell, she was credited with using 1.82 litres of petrol per 100km, effectively setting a new African record.

She is also a Project Manager at Ogilvy. Makena is a true testimony of beauty and brains.

DJ Tabz

Beautiful DJ tabz PHOTO/DJ TABZ
Beautiful DJ Tabz. When you meet her, you’d realize she is smart and very humble PHOTO/DJ TABZ

Tabitha Githere, known by the pseudonym DJ Tabz, is one of the finest female gospel DJs in the country.

DJ Tabz won best award in the G10 (Talent to watch) category in the 2015 Groove Awards. She also bagged the Mwafaka Awards DJ of the Year in 2012.

When you happen to meet her, you realize that she is a smart girl, truly humble and visionary.

What started out as love for music and deejaying has led her into the top echelons of the Gospel Industry.  She is signed under DJ Mo’s stable, System Unit. Tabz has also appeared on NTV’s Crossover show.

After successfully completing her training at the System Unit DJ Academy, she has been played professionally for over a year now.

The University of Nairobi alumnus, who studied law, says deejaying is her passion. Before she left high school, she wanted to be a musician, but she settled on deejaying.

DJ Bee

The sassy DJ Bee PHOTO/DJ BEE
The sassy DJ Bee mirrored her future PHOTO/DJ BEE

Elizabeth Njambi Wambui aka DJ Bee has, since childhood, dreamt of being a renowned Disc Jockey. Her love for music too drove her into chasing after this dream.

“In high school, I looked up to DJ Mo.  I used to tell my friends, ‘When I am through with school I will deejay.’ They supported me,” she told Citizen Digital.

Has DJ Bee found it easy joining a business which initially ‘belonged’ to men?

“The reception is okay, though it comes with challenges. Sometimes fans and players in the industry undermine you – they are like: ‘this is the chic DJ?’ Or you go to a club and ask its management to spin at the facility and then they shut you down,” tells Bee.

“However, once I turn the tables after being given the opportunity, they acknowledge my skill. Some even say they thought it was a man on the decks,” she added.

Personally, DJ Be has an inclination towards Reggae and Riddim, but she plays numerous genres to serve her diverse audiences.

DJ Bee has nuggets of wisdom to share with aspiring female DJs: “Education comes first. After you complete school, you can get into it (deejaying) and stay disciplined. Also network with people a lot – fans and industry players. Don’t forget to have positive vibes only.”