#WCW: 12 things you didn’t know about Citizen TV’s Pheona Kenga, 10 is interesting

Charming, lively and lovely are some of the words one would use to describe Citizen TV’s reporter, Pheona Kenga.

She is known to many as that lady who delivers social and lifestyle stories effortlessly.

Aside from her work, very little is known about the beautiful reporter.

Citizen Digital sat down the sassy Pheona and unraveled a lot about her life.

Here are things you did not know about Ms Kenga:

  1. She spent her childhood in Mombasa

Pheona is the first born in a family of four siblings – two boys (Robert, Ben) and two girls (Gladys, and her).

Pheona schooled in Mombasa. She attended Furaha Junior Academy and Seaside Academy, and she went to Ribe Girls High School.

Her coastal upbringing gave her mastery of Swahili, and this is a skill that has helped her journalism career.

  1. She is a Daystar University alumnus

When Pheona completed her secondary education, she enrolled at Daystar University for her Bachelor of Arts in Communication where she graduated in 2011.

Pheona worked in different institutions after her graduation, but she joined Citizen TV in February 2013.

Her first days as a reporter were challenging since her supervisor wanted her to major in political stories, but she says her strength has always been in human interest tales.

“When I highlight the plight of affected communities and see victims get help from the government or relevant authorities, it gives me a sense of satisfaction.”

Eventually, she was able to carve her niche.

  1. She can take a whole month to return calls, texts

Though Pheona loves her job, she is quick to admit that it gets in the way of her social life.

“My job is very unpredictable – sometimes I am called to work on off days,” says the coastal beauty.

The nature of a newsroom is quite unpredictable, and this often leads to communication lapses.

“I have friends who say I don’t return their calls, I don’t text them back when they text me. I can even take a whole month to return calls or texts from friends and relatives.  My schedule is limiting,” reveals Pheona.

  1. She would like to have a white wedding

Pheona takes her role as a first born seriously, and she would like to set a good example for her younger siblings in all things including marriage.

For this reason, Pheona says she’d like to have a white wedding.

This desire is also rooted in the example her parents gave, the reporter reveals: “My mum and my dad got married in a wedding setting. I personally would love that to happen to me.”

  1. She is a make-up maniac

If you bump into Pheona on any day of the week, you’ll be sure to find that she is immaculately groomed.

Pheona, who started using make-up in form three, says she is a make-up enthusiast who believes beauty can be enhanced through the products.

“Oh my God, I love make-up a lot! (laughs). It makes you look like a doll. I know I am beautiful, but I got to enhance it,” says an enthusiastic Pheona.

  1. Her hobbies are: travelling, dancing, and cooking

If she didn’t have to work a day in her life, Pheona would be globetrotting.

“If I was given one wish to make, it would be to travel all over the world. I have been to Dubai, but I am looking forward to tour Hawaii and Spain,” she revealed.

Pheona Kenga doing what she does best - horse-riding
Pheona Kenga doing what she does best – horse-riding Photo/Pheona Kenga

Pheona also enjoys cooking, and she picked this up from her mother.

“I also love cooking. Being a Giriama woman, I just have to know my way around the kitchen. I grew up seeing mum cook for the family.  We would all go to the kitchen to see how she prepares the coastal delicacies, and that’s how I learnt from her.”

  1. She’s confident she’d make a good wife

At a time when many women are shunning traditional family roles, Pheona is embracing them.

“I am currently a blend of a modern and a traditional woman. However, when married I will be the traditional woman. Most men love women who are reserved, respectful, caring, those who cook, clean and simply do everything. I don’t mind being that woman,” told Pheona.

The lucky man who marries her will be assured of one thing: delicious food.

“If I was married today, I would really cook for my husband. He would love it because my food is delicious. I would do everything I was shown when growing up – the things that a woman has to do for a man.”

Pheona Kenga in the kitchen doing what she knows best Photo/
Pheona Kenga in the kitchen doing what she knows best Photo/
  1. Her greatest regret is sneaking out of home to go clubbing

When Pheona was through with form four, she sneaked out of home at night to go clubbing.

“I come from strict family, and my friends convinced me to sneak to go attend a leavers’ bash at a popular disco in Mombasa.”

Because she could not ask for permission, Pheona decided to make it look like she was in bed.

“I tucked pillows, blankets on my bed and covered it up before leaving. When my dad checked in on me, he found ‘I was asleep’. He insisted that I had to talk to him, and so he pulled back the covers. He found the shock of his life – I wasn’t there.”

Angered, Pheona’s dad called her and expressed his grave disappointment.

“I felt really bad! When I got back home the following day, my dad talked to me furiously until he almost got a heart attack. We rushed him to hospital. I was since then so apologetic that I almost lost my dad because of my misbehavior,” a remorseful Pheona recounts.

Away from work, Pheona creates time to have fun
Away from work, Pheona creates time to have fun Photo/Pheona Kenga
  1. She got her curves from her mum

Pheona, who is very curvaceous, attributes her voluptuousness to her mum, “My mum is very hippy. I think I inherited a lot from her.”

Her curves often get her unwarranted attention from lustful men and this pisses her off.

“My hips have made me fall out with many men. Sometimes I get irritated by their flirtatious comments – they seem not to know how to keep their comments within acceptable boundaries. Some even shout: ‘Hey, hizo ninii ni kubwa sana, si ungeganyia mtu…’ I just don’t like such things,” she asserts.

Curvaceous Pheona in a black print dress
Curvaceous Pheona in a black print dress Photo/Pheona Kenga
  1. She had her first boyfriend in class seven

Pheona did not shy away from sharing details of her first brushes with love.

“I had my first boyfriend in class seven; he was a Tanzanian. I still remember his name – Lau. He dropped out of school, and consequently left him. Since my childhood, I have always been focused, and my life is shaped by goals. I could not continue being in a relationship with Lau,” remembers Pheona.

  1. She is happily hooked

If the tales of coastal cooking and traditional family roles have got you interested in Pheona, hold your horses. The girl is taken, and happily so.

“I already have my ideal kind of man; he makes me really happy, and I am proud to have him in my life,” she reveals.

When asked about attributes which make her man ideal, Pheona said: “He respects my privacy.  He is very hardworking, focused, goal-oriented and he speaks his mind. He doubles up as my role model.”

About wedding plans, Pheona said: “We ‘Coasto’ chicks leave it to the man to decide. I have no ring on my finger yet, so I cannot comment on the wedding dates. But I am hopeful one day, one time.”

  1. She is stubborn

Pheona admitted to being the stubborn go-getter type.

“I am very stubborn. Sometimes when I want things done, I want them done at that instant. I always say I get what I want and I will do anything within my capability to get what I want.”

She however says she is a good listener to make up for her ‘stubborn’ nature.

Pheona concluded the interview with a word of advice for both Kenyan men and women.

For men, she said: “If you don’t provide for your woman, chances are high she will go out and find a provider. Give your woman the best and the rest will fall in place.”

For women, Pheona advised: “You should take care of your man, let him feel loved and cared for.  Never push too hard for things to happen, and don’t be so much taken over by money.”

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