Vocal MP furious over Nairobi “sex party” Project X

Vocal MP furious over Nairobi “sex party” Project X

Nominated Member of Parliament Isaac Mwaura has expressed his fury over a party slated to take place at an undisclosed location in Kileleshwa, Nairobi on Saturday, March 12th.

The party dubbed Project X has quickly topped the trends on social media and is regarded by many as one of the raunchiest that would take place in the capital – that is, if it succeeds.

“One night to lose your mind,” reads the party’s slogan on a poster that has gone viral on social media.

The poster describes Project X as a house party that will take place in Kileleshwa on March 12th from 6PM to 6AM.

“On March 12th, history will be made…chiqs…dudes and a whole lot of booze …come experience the House Party everyone is talking about …no rules…no regulations…carry your own high …whether it’s herbs…pills…everything is legal,” reads a caption on another of the many posters doing rounds.

The charges for the party, according to the posters are:  Ksh 500 ordinary and Ksh 2,500 VIP (advance) and ordinary Ksh 1,000 and Ksh 3,500 VIP (at the gate).

One of the posters captioned: “Everything goes…the less you wear the better… Project X” shows a semi-naked woman.

The party’s advertisement has captured the attention of Nominated Member of Parliament for Special Interest Groups Isaac Mwaura who has taken to social media to condemn the unidentified organisers of the event.

“This sex party called Project X circulating on social media which is to happen on 12th needs to be stopped at all costs. We cannot allow people to cash in on our vulnerable youth,” wrote Mwaura on one of his social media pages.

“I have already communicated to Mr. Kitili, the Ag. Deputy Inspector of Police, for them to take action. The CID are following closely. We must safeguard the morals of our country. ‪#‎Youth4youth,” he posted on Facebook Saturday afternoon.

Online users took to his post to air their divergent opinions regarding the party Project X. Below are sampled responses obtained from Facebook:

Nashon Tado: Youth should engage in constructive projects like clearing garbage, helping in hospitals, sharpening their debating and fundraising skills etc. The obsession with sexual orgies is worrying.

Leon Poldi De Wenger: Ati what? Sex party? Has it happened before ama it is a first one? These guys should be stopped by whatever means! Haiya!

James Mwangi: Hehe. It is immoral yes, but hardly a police matter unless underage are targeted or anyone is forced into anything. I don’t support it, but I realise the constitution guarantees their rights to do anything as long as they don’t infringe on rights of others or break the law.

Job Mehta: As long as the people targeted are above 18 yes of age, then no problem. Stick your nose elsewhere.

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