US President Barack Obama has nothing on me, Mike Sonko claims

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has once more compared himself with American president Barack Obama, stating that the world-famous  Head of State has nothing on him when it comes to basketball. Obama, who is an outspoken basketball fan, has been touted as “America’s first basketball president” because of his love for the sport. He has been filmed on the court severally since he took office on 2008. Now, Sonko says he has what it takes to beat Obama at his favourite game. Sharing an image showing his prowess on the court, Sonko shared his “bakee credentials”, citing his high school accolades from 25 years ago. “In 1990 while a student at Kwahisco, we clinched the national basketball trophy by being unbeaten from the District, Provincial all the way to the national levels,” he wrote. In the year that followed, his school was knocked out by Nyeri Baptist. “The following year 1991 we were the defending but we got eliminated in the semifinals by Nyeri Baptist who also clinched the trophy. They had the best forwards in the country Maurice olunga and Mike opel the tallest player in the country,” he wrote. The controversial politician, who is eying the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in 2017, shows off his basketball skills in the video – a showcase that got him positive responses from his Facebook fans. In November, Sonko compared his life story with Obama’s saying that his was the “the real success story”. “Forget the American story, because I represent the typical Kenyan man/woman’s life. Folks, the Obama story is not as “muddy” as mine. He went to the best schools, I did not. He had wealthy parents. I dont.  He was politically connected. I was not. I am not. He had the best environment to succeed; I never had,” he said.

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