Two Eritrean ladies visit Senator Sonko, this is why

Two Eritrean ladies visit Senator Sonko, this is why

Following the viral story about ‘state-imposed’ polygamy that sent Twitter in Kenya and Nigeria into a frenzy, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has revealed that two Eritrean women have visited him.

The outspoken Senator posted images of the visit on social media, jumping on the viral trend that governed social media for the better part of last week.

“I thought this ‪#‎Eritrea trend was a joke until today when I got a courtesy call from two ladies from Eritrea but I was a bit confused niwa rescue ama itakuwa aje?” posted Sonko.

The politician joked that had the two ladies been Kenyan, he would have been motivated to help them because they could vote for him the upcoming polls.

“Wangekuwa Wakenya making decision could have been easier coz bado ingekuwa ni kura…Nani ana form nifanye connections?” concluded Sonko.

Here are Photos from the visit:

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A false report gone viral

Last week, an obscure Somalia-based website posted a story alleging the Eritrean government has decreed that all men from the African nation were to marry at least two women. To support the decree, the website stated that the government would foot the bill for the marriages.

The story would have gone unnoticed had it not been for a popular Kenyan site which picked up report, sharing it with Kenya’s social media savvy audience.

Within no time, the story went viral attracting responses and memes from across the continent.

Commenting on the false story, Eritrea’s Information Minister, Yemane Gebremeskel, expressed that the report was ‘ludicrous’.

— Yemane G. Meskel (@hawelti) January 27, 2016

— Yemane G. Meskel (@hawelti) January 27, 2016


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