Too successful after ‘failing’ KCSE, Larry Madowo reveals his grade

Too successful after ‘failing’ KCSE, Larry Madowo reveals his grade

Following the release of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results, NTV news anchor Larry Madowo has revealed that he “failed” his national exams, and terribly so.

In a lengthy social media post, the outspoken media personality said that he failed so badly that his family “demanded” for him to re-sit the exams.

“I failed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams. I flunked so badly, that some of my relatives were sufficiently scandalized to demand that I repeat Form Four and apply myself better,” he begun.

What made him fail so badly? The news personality explained that while other students were ‘trans-nighting’ to cram last-minute facts during the exam period, he had his nose was buried deep in a novel.

“During the exam period, I stayed up late with my colleagues, but not to revise like they were doing. I was burning the midnight oil finishing a good novel. Pretending to catch up on what I had missed over the last four years was a waste of perfectly good electricity,” he wrote.

Because of his ‘lack of focus’, Larry went home with a grade that he and his family deemed unsatisfactory.

“I left high school with a B minus, the final sentence after four years of massive potential but hardly any focus. I was dead set against repeating, so I had to make the best of it and I would like to think I did,” he said.

Since he didn’t want to re-sit the exams the following year, he tried to find a degree that he could do with his grade.

“Fully aware of my limited abilities but with a seemingly innate talent for obfuscation, I set out in search for a career where this might be useful. Law narrowly lost out to journalism as I decided to talk up my non-existent skills into gainful employment.”

Despite not getting a stellar grade, Larry boasts that he has been able to land jobs – an achievement that surprises him as well as others.

“Much to everyone’s amazement — mine the most — I convinced a bunch of suits to hire me. So you see, an A is not everything,” he concluded.

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