Wilbroda reveals the ‘goodies’ that come with Luo Women

Wilbroda reveals the ‘goodies’ that come with Luo Women

In recent past, several stereotypes have been formulated by the Kenyan society to make fun of the pompous nature of members of the Luo community.

From arriving in choppers to pay for bride price, to hiring professional dancers to welcome one’s girlfriend at the airport-lakeside men have made a name for themselves because of their flamboyance.

These grand antics have been known to attract women from other communities, a fact that Meru Senator Kiraitu Murungi has acknowledged. .

“A long time ago, the Ameru did not let their daughters get married to Luos. They used to worry about what they will eat in Nyanza, because they thought there was only fish, which they did not like,” said Kiraitu who revealed his daughter is married in Kabondo, Nyanza.

He added: “The Luo man puts more importance on making his wife happy. Wajaluo wapigiwe makofi!

Kiraitu made his observation after flamboyant businessman, Jared K Otieno, hogged the headlines on August 8 when he went to Meru to pay dowry for his flame, Annabel Kendi Mwiti, in an exquisite ‘Luopean’ fashion.

“Kasarani games”

Papa Shirandula’s Wilbroda, whose real name is Jacqueline Nyaminde, has echoed Kiraitu’s sentiments.

“It is true! Luo men know how to treat their women – that is not contestable! They know how to spend on women and they do so unapologetically!” Wilbroda told Citizen Digital.

She added: “They don’t even give a care – ataingia kwa bar na aseme: mpatie chupa, usimpatie hata tot, and what he is calling for that time is alcohol worth over Sh1800.”

If that is the case, what do Luo females have to offer to their partners?

Without a second thought, the visibly delighted Wilbroda said: “Si unajuanga ‘mchezo kasarani’ yetu inakuanga juu (You definitely know our game in bed is unmatched!)”

Wilbroda continued to shower praises on Luo women about their legendary curves – an attribute for a long time has been synonymous to ladies from the lakeside.

“When you get into a place with a Luo woman, just from the way she walks, she owns the air around her. She carries with her the aura of pride, haogopi chochote, because she is beautiful! Akitembea unaangalia mpaka nyuma, halafu unasema baas – hii ni V8!

Did you know Wilbroda is well-endowed with an admirably curvy physique? Perhaps not, thanks to the costumes she wears while on set which conceal her ‘V8’.

Mazee hizo nguo (costumes) huniangusha! If Wilbroda was to wear clothes which accentuate her curves, si ‘Papa Shirandula’ itakuwa blue movie!” She told, bursting into a thunder of laughter.

Read it from me: she is not blowing her own trumpet – Wilbroda is blessed!

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