Size 8: Why I am very proud of Janet Mbugua

Size 8: Why I am very proud of Janet Mbugua

Celebrated gospel singer Linet Munyali, better known Size 8, has lauded Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua saying she inspires her and has made her proud by standing strong throughout her pregnancy.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, the expectant artiste also applauded Janet for braving criticism from quotas, who attacked her for reading news while pregnant.

“Janet Mbugua has been so strong; even how she handles haters,” Size 8 began.

Expressing her disappointment at those who criticised the sassy news reader, the Mateke hit-maker added: “I want to tell those who were attacking Janet for reading news while expectant that their reproach was really uncalled for and wrong by all means.”

“Women in Africa who are even past 36 weeks pregnant carry babies on their backs and go to the streams to fetch water.”

She faulted the backlash against Janet, saying it was as a result of her social status.

“Does it mean if you have money you are special – that you can just sit back at home because you are financially buoyant?” she posed.

Recounting the day she was also trolled for performing while pregnant, Size 8 narrated: “I also went to a particular event where we were doing business mentorship at the University of Nairobi.”

“So, I posted the photo online and a certain lady asked how I could speak at a function in my condition”

“Infuriated, I asked her which condition was she referring to – pregnancy? I have not heard pregnancy makes one disabled!”

“I asked her if she’s ever watched African Journals where women are shown working in their farms late into their pregnancies”.

The singer added that her mum also worked throughout pregnancy: “My mum has seven children and she worked to her last day in all those seven pregnancies.”

Referring to her case and Janet’s, Size 8 advised: “Don’t look at us celebrities and start judging and pointing fingers – what about the normal women? Very few have the luxury to take early leave. Being celebrities does not make us exceptional.”

And her message to Janet: “I am very proud of her, she was strong, kept the haters off and spoke for a normal pregnant Kenyan woman who doesn’t have the luxury of citing pregnancy as an excuse to avoid work. I loved how she motivated other women and her positive attitude.””

“Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing on earth. Just looking at a baby bump is so inspiring – it’s shows you God’s creation,” she concluded.

Janet Mbugua is currently on maternity leave.




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