Singer Vivian: A famous producer rejected me

Singer Vivian: A famous producer rejected me

Sultry female singer, Vivian, has revealed that she was rejected by a famous producer before breaking through in the music industry.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Vivian shared bits of her life including her childhood, hobbies and what she values heartily.

On what she remembers most during her blossoming days in music, Vivian said: “I was rejected by a famous music producer before I got to record and release my first single.”

She says the producer did not have faith in her singing ability.

Today Vivian is thankful for her music success, and says her persistence and prayers have granted her triumph: “God’s love is my biggest motivation. All my songs hold a special place in my heart; songs are like children, you love them all equally.”

About her role model, the My Dream hit-maker said she values anybody who commits to making himself better.

“My role model is that person who wakes up each day and works the hardest towards being their best; not looking at the challenges or hindrances. Working hard is the ultimate.”

“I dislike people who disrespect others,” she added.

The singer who grew up in Pangani, Nairobi says she is not dating, but is in a very faithful commitment with her fans.

The State House Girls alumnus also intimated what she engages in away from music: “I love to work out; be it through sports, athletics, basketball or aerobics.”

Asked to briefly give her five on the cards highlights, Vivian outlined:

  1. I love peace of mind! That’s one thing that’s undoubtedly more valuable than money.
  2. I used to be among the top models while in high school.
  3. I love Ugali, beef and sukuma wiki.
  4. The secret to my beauty is prayer and always staying humble.
  5. Growing up, I was a very expressive child yet equally playful!

The singer who holds her family so dearly is slated to curtain-raise for Jamaican celebrated reggae group, Morgan Heritage, which will jet in the country for a major extravaganza on October 3 at KICC.

On her expectations of the fete, she said: “An electrifying performance! I am working!”

Morgan Heritage Extravaganza will take place on Saturday, October 3 from 2 pm at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi.

The charges will be Sh500 at the gate, and Sh3000 VIP.

The event is proudly sponsored by Citizen TV, Hot 96, Trueblaq Entertainment, Coke Studio among other corporate.