Singer Ringtone’s multimillion-shilling Karen home broken into

Singer Ringtone’s multimillion-shilling Karen home broken into

Gospel singer Alex Apoko, better known as Ringtone, says his Karen house was broken into on Tuesday, February 2.

The incident happened when the Pamela hit-maker was out of the country.

He suspects people he is close to could be behind the act.

“Very few people have visited me at my Karen home since I moved in. I suspect the burglary was committed by someone who has been at my house before,” Ringtone told Citizen Digital in a telephone interview.

He says he has directed his security team to forward the CCTV footage to police for investigations.

Ringtone neither disclosed what was stolen from his home, nor the worth of the missing property. He moved into the house last year September.

The singer is currently on Nigerian tour.

Ringtone to quit music in February

In an earlier interview with Citizen Digital, Ringtone said he will release one more song in February before quitting the music industry for good.

“Sometimes one routinely does something until it gets to a point he questions if he is doing the right thing. I questioned myself whether my music is touching people. I wasn’t sure if I am in the right field, and that’s why I am quitting music,” he said.

The Talanta star added he had decided to stop singing, but his fans ‘begged’ him to stay in the industry.

“I had settled on quitting music, but my fans texted, called and even urged me not to quit. I decided I will do one last song for them. I want to make sure the content of the music is something they identify with. The new jam will be out in February,” stated Ringtone.

Sections of fans questioned his move; with some speculating that Ringtone is contemplating crossing over to the secular camp.

“I will not shift to secular music or even consider venturing into politics; some fans are speculating so though. I think it’s because they link me to the Jubilee administration. They should instead be inspired by my music,” he said.