Seven things that stood out at Mike Njenga’s wedding

Seven things that stood out at Mike Njenga’s wedding

Citizen Television news anchor and reporter Michael Njenga tied the knot with his long term fiancee Phoebe Wanjiku on Saturday, January 9, in a colourful ceremony that was held at the Kenya Technical Trainers College in Gigiri, Nairobi.

Mr Njenga and Ms Wanjiku met at a dinner hosted by mutual friends three years ago and after courtship, set their wedding date for January 9, 2016.

“We share so many inside jokes, even if we are on opposite sides of the room and we see something that we both relate to, we automatically turn to look at each other,” Njenga told Citizen Digital.

Below are the key highlights of the wedding:

Special dance by the newlyweds


Mike Njenga and Phoebe Wanjiku are good dancers.

It all began with the groom who took center stage and before embarking on his moves, looked at his wife; smiled and gathered courage from the curious, cheering guests who dared him to ‘shakey leggy’.

Like the Apollo that he is, Mike put his one foot forward, inclined back his torso, freed his arms and sashayed to the beats of the Afro-beat music which rented the air; much to the amusement of the guests, and to much awe by his wife.

Phoebe on the other hand was given a challenge by the MC – to make sure she grabbed the attention of Mike, who in a mock setting was given a seat and a newspaper to read and pretend he was engrossed in. However, Phoebe’s charm and seductive dance distracted Mike from the paper to cheers from the crowd.

Governor Kabogo’s address


Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and his family attended the glam wedding.

Being an esteemed guest that he was, Kabogo was given an opportunity to address the attendees and give his nuggets of wisdom to the newlyweds.

“Mike, I have known you to be a very hardworking man. I know there are challenges which could come your way, given the nature of your job. I urge you to take care of your wife, look after her very well and anchor your marriage on prayers. You look good together, and I give you my blessings,” Governor Kabogo told Mr and Mrs Njenga before presenting his gift to the couple.

Attendance by respected men of God


Mike Njenga’s wedding is a blessed one – going by the caliber and the number (over 20) of the men of God who graced the event.

In a show of unity, they danced their way to the podium and heartily hugged the groom and the bride. They also dedicated the couple’s union to God.

The men of God include: Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church, Pastor Israel Robert Burale, who is also an image consultant on Citizen Television’s Fashion Watch, among others.

Energetic dance by guests


The wedding guests coloured the event when they grouped in numbers at the center stage –  arms reaching high, fingers spread, heads tilting back.

The men wore a variety of body-fitting attire.

The women’s long, sleeveless dresses were to a great extent plain but draped loosely around their bodies with a similarly plain, unsensual beauty.

Warm light poured down from above, fixing the dancers in a moment of the exaltation and yearning.

The dancers moved very little in what followed, and after they separated; new groups took to the podium before they all returned and pulled together.

Wedding packed to capacity


Michael Njenga and Phoebe Wanjku’s wedding attracted guests from all walks of life.

Over 300 guests graced the event in different modes of road transport – with a predominant top-of-the-range cars filling up the parking.

All colourfully dressed, the gathering extended their blessings to the newlyweds.

Notable figures include: Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, Royal Media Services Chief Operations Officer, Farida Karoney; Editorial Consultant Peter Opondo, journalists Hussein Mohammed, Janet Mbugua, Lulu Hassan, Kanze Dena, Kirigo Ng’arua, Mwanahamisi Hamadi among others.

Njenga urged women to ditch the notion ‘all men are dogs’


“I know I should not do this, but kindly allow me (takes microphone from the MC). To all the women out here; I want to categorically say, not all men are dogs – for a long time this stereotype has dominated social platforms and discussions; most times said by women who have been hurt in the past – it does not mean if one man hurt you, all men will by default hurt you; there are good men out there. So, if you are single, take the risk and love again; date again, but above all ask God to protect, bless and guide your relationship,” said Njenga.

Big, sweet cake


The cake served at the wedding was as much a beauty as it was delicious. The couple had a four-tier blue and white chocolate flavoured cake.

The design on the fondant was unique and yet simple, proving that simplicity is indeed excellence.

In summary: the Njengas’ wedding was a huge success!

Citizen Digital wishes the newlyweds a marriage full of bliss.

Watch below Mr and Mrs Njenga’s exciting dance:


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