Rapper Abbas accuses 'Nairobbery' filmmaker of 'snatching' the name without his permission

Rapper Abbas accuses 'Nairobbery' filmmaker of 'snatching' the name without his permission

Rapper Abbas Doobiez . Photo: Abbas Doobiez/Instagram

Kenyan legendary rapper Abbas Doobiez has accused film director Jennifer Gatero and the Samchi Digital group of "stealing" the term 'Nairobbery' and using it their a soon-to-be-released film without seeking his permission.

The new film is titled 'Nairobbery', a term popularized by Abbas and Bamboo, collectively known as K-South in the late 90s and early 2000s album. The K-South duo even named their 2002 album Nairobbery.

The film tells the story of a group of students who pull off a daring heist and flee with Ksh.37 million in cash.

"So y'all just going to snatch the name Nairobbery and say nothing to the creators???" asked Abbas on his social media platforms.

Abbas, who rose to fame as part of the hip-hop group K-South (Kariobangi South), is one of the most revered name in Kenyan hip hop.

The phrase, which was coined from the words 'Nairobi+ Robbery,' attempted to paint a picture of Nairobi at the time, when street gangs were on the rise and crime was rampant.

Nothing much has really changed about the Capital and many people still refer to it as ‘Nairobbery’ decades later.

Mungiki and Kamjesh, the most well-known of these, had grown into full-fledged criminal enterprises, complete with taxation and law enforcement.

It was from these tumultous times that K-south dropped the album, one of first of its kind in Kenya delivered in sheng and English.

It is clear if Abbas patented the name which would give him legal rights to sue or at least get paid for the use of the name.

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