Power couple Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz fall out in Sweden

Power couple Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz fall out in Sweden

East Africa’s power couple Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan allegedly fell out and made up during their Sweden tour.

Zari reportedly felt jealous after daring groupies threw themselves at the Make Me Sing star when he and his family touched down at a Stockholm Airport in Sweden on March 23.

Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan, their daughter Latiffah Dangote, his mother Sanura Kassim ‘Bi Sandra’ and a few members of the singer’s Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) have – in the past one week – been on a Europe tour dubbed From Tandale to the World.

Amani newspaper reports that Diamond found himself in a tight spot after star-struck female fans threw themselves at him and even hit on him in Zari’s presence.

The groupies’ inappropriate advances reportedly made the Ugandan socialite jealous.

While such a reaction is expected, the extent of Zari’s jealousy is what reportedly escalated the tension between the superstar pair.

“The issue was delicate and quite serious. When the couple arrived at their hotel room, they were hardly talking. Were it not for our intervention, the shows Diamond Platnumz was scheduled to stage couldn’t have taken place. Zari’s jealousy caused quite a stir,” a source close to the Platnumz’ family, who traveled with them, told Amani.

The day was saved through Mama Diamond’s sagely intervention.

“Diamond’s mum had to apply wisdom to restore calm after her son and daughter-in-law fell out. The impudent young women wanted a piece of Simba (Diamond Platnumz) and Zari did not take that lightly,” added the source.

The tiff was so bad that the couple reportedly slept in separate rooms for the first night of their Sweden tour.

However, Diamond Platnumz is said to have swallowed his pride and buried the hatchet with Zari the following day.

“Zari had a conviction that Diamond had a thing with the ladies who threw themselves at him at the airport, believing that the singer knew them from way back,” said the source.

The insider maintains it is still a mystery to Diamond Platnumz and his family how the groupies learnt of Diamond’s arrival time at the Stockholm Airport.

“We were more surprised when we went to evaluate the hall that Diamond was supposed to perform in (that evening). A huge crowd showed up requesting to take selfies with Diamond Platnumz. After the singer complied and took quite a number of photos, the excited crowd left us and that’s when we went to the hotel,” the source further told the publication.

The incident reportedly gave Zari the blues: “All through Zari was in low spirits.”

Diamond: Falling out in relationships is a normal thing

Amani newspaper sought Diamond’s response on the matter, and the Utanipenda crooner said such welcomes are common – from diehard fans and cunning fans too.

He advises top singers to at least inform their partners about such occurrences way ahead so that they (lovers) can grid their loins.

“Honestly, I was well received in Sweden. But I won’t disclose much about the fall out with Mama Tiffah (Zari). However, it is normal for long-time lovers to disagree. It is the nature of human beings to at least behave in such a manner – we were created like that.”

“All is well now between Zari and I; and that is why if you’d recap, on the day of my performance, Zari was very close to me. I even made my way into the hall with her. I am glad she understands that I am a celebrity and such (groupies’ attack) is bound to happen.”

Before Sweden tour, Diamond Platnumz, his family and WCB team toured Germany. He later traveled to Belgium, France and he is now slated to visit other European nations.