Opportunity is all he needed: Former street boy to intern at Kenya’s Supreme Court

Opportunity is all he needed: Former street boy to intern at Kenya’s Supreme Court

After moving Kenyans with his special appeal – that street families be given an opportunity to serve the nation in constructive capacities – former street boy Morris Mwenda has now been given the opportunity he dearly needed to help him realise his dream of becoming a top lawyer in the country.

Kenya’s Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga has invited the brilliant 15-year-old to intern at the Supreme Court of Kenya during his school holidays.

Candy and Candy CEO Joe Kariuki offered to help Morris go into rehabilitation and to school; and now that his secondary education is guaranteed, his dream too ostensibly would be realised – thanks to CJ Dr Willy Mutunga’s gesture.

The CJ met young Morris at his office in Nairobi on Monday, February 29. He shared nuggets of wisdom with Mwenda, and even presented a copy of the Kenyan Constitution to him.

Homeless of Nairobi – the organization that discovered Morris and even took him off the streets – took to its Facebook page to share the good news with Kenyans.

“As a result of this morning’s (Monday) meeting (with CJ Dr Willy Mutunga), Morris has been invited to intern at the Supreme Court during his school holidays, something that the boy was very happy about as he will get to shadow and, as a result, learn from a lot of people in the law society.

“Morris was also handed a signed copy of The Consitution of Kenya and he will now proudly read it out to the other boys at our home and teach them the lessons he has learnt in an effort to pay it forward,” wrote Homeless of Nairobi on social media.

This comes just a few days after Morris spoke about his desire to become a lawyer. This notion was picked up on by many people who showed admiration towards the boy’s ambition.

Being a veteran and an authority on matters law, the Chief Justice was moved by the boy’s desire, prompting him to search for his “new friend” – Morris Mwenda. When he found him, Dr Mutunga says: “they had a chat on his (Morris’) dream”.

“His (CJ’s) valuable advice was wonderful for Morris. We spoke of many things touching on corruption in the system leading to a society that has more homeless people than it should,” added Homeless of Nairobi on social media.

“We’d like to thank the CJ for speaking with Morris and for giving him a chance to do what he wants to pursue as a career. We’d also like to thank you all for your continued support towards this cause. The CJ emphasized that there are many homeless people out there who we as a community can assist. Let’s keep doing what we do.”

Kenyans in their numbers took to social media to applaud the CJ’s gesture.

Wakesho Mkamwasharia: “Even if this is all the CJ will do. It is worthy generations. All the best Morris. Hope the home works with him not to feel pressured with all this attention but remain focus, be a child and take one day at a time.”

Odong Mike Lo’Asio: “This is mind-warping (I am full of joy). Our little (great) son is now unearthing opportunities. Again, greetings from Uganda!”

Others chose to advise and encourage young Mwenda.

Nyaga Adan: “I watched your video and you used the word “opportunity “. Focus on the challenges now and love to see you as Kenyan CJ in the future, the sky is the limit. YOU ARE A STAR.”

Caroline C Rutoh: “I am encouraging Morris to give his best and I wish he can meet with one whom I now call my son and have a chat. He was once a street kid.”

Street children need the opportunity

Prior to opportunities flooding his way Morris had, in a 2’18” video plea, urged both levels of government to offer opportunities to street children, saying the street equally harbours talented and knowledgeable families.

“My message to the public is that in the streets we have talented people, and we have those who have knowledge, but what they are lacking is something called opportunity”

“Opportunity is an English word that simply means chance. So, they are lacking that chance…” Morris said.