My Sh14.4 M bash was to be held in one of the State Houses in the world – Babu Owino

My Sh14.4 M bash was to be held in one of the State Houses in the world – Babu Owino

Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) Chairman, Paul Ongili, going by the moniker Babu Owino, has claimed his much publicised birthday party was to be held in one of the world’s State Houses.

The October 10 bash is expected to cost Ksh14.4 million, and a copy of provisional budget signed by Babu Owino Foundation Financial Director, Bishop Ndege, went viral on social media.

After viewing the extravagant budget, many social media users raised questions about how the outspoken student leader aims to finance his lavish party.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, the student leader said it is the international community which is funding his birthday party.

“The birthday party is being sponsored by different people – there’s international community which is the major sponsor,” he told.

Babu says October is the best time to celebrate his birthday considering it is the month world’s prominent leaders were born, and that the ‘international community’ saw it appropriate to slot the festivity at the time.

“They (international community) settled on October because it is a special month. Very many big people were born in October: look at President Obama, Russia’s Putin, Carlos Slim – the second richest man, President Uhuru, Babu Owino, Steve Mbogo and many others,” he said.

Babu says the foreign dignitaries actually asked him to make the venue for the fete one of the State Houses in the world.

“In fact they (international community) were calling me to one of the countries I cannot disclose to go and hold the party there. They wanted to use one of the State Houses as the venue,” Babu boldly told.

But what stopped him from holding the bash in one of the world’s most powerful homes?

“I saw the need of just doing it in Kenya to improve the economy of this country taking into account the money I have put in – it can massively help grow the economy.”

However, this writer insisted on knowing who these foreign dignitaries are.

Babu’s response: “I cannot disclose the identity of the prominent dignitaries because they have vowed to sponsor my bid for president in 2027. If I do, some of them might injure my reputation; more so those with malicious behaviour,” he brushed off.

He however hinted: “They are countries from the western and Middle Eastern regions.”

But doesn’t Babu think he’s spending way too much on one event? Couldn’t he have used some of it to fund a project of some sort?

“That money is very little considering the kind of people – serious dignitaries, we are bringing here.” He said.

Babu says the whole of Kenya is invited to his birthday party.

“The party is going to be open to all members of the public. All Kenyan citizens are invited for the love I have for them,” he concluded.

This is not the first time the student leader is on the spot light for big spending. In April 2015, he reportedly spent Ksh15 million for his SONU Chair reelection bid.

Here is the provisional budget for his birthday party which was shared on social media:


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