Mwanaisha Chidzuga: It’s all love between Mungatana and I

Mwanaisha Chidzuga: It’s all love between Mungatana and I

Just three days after K24 Television Swahili news anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga denied being beauty queen Cecilia Mwangi’s co-wife, the media personality has now publicly declared her love to her embattled partner, former legislator Danson Mungatana.

In what many have interpreted as a show of conquest over Cecilia, Ms Chidzuga told her deriders to mind their own business.

The former KTN Swahili news anchor on Saturday posted a cheek to cheek photo of her and Mr Mungatana on social media, and captioned it confidently: “Hapa mapenzi tu… Wenye shingo za feni jipeni shughuli sasa.” (It’s all about love here… haters, find constructive work to do)

Ms Chidzuga also posted pictures of their three daughters.

I am not Cecilia’s co-wife

Mwanaisha on Wednesday, February 24 took to Twitter to dispel any relation to Ms Mwangi after several tabloids and entertainment websites referred to her as Ms Mwangi’s co-wife.

“Kindly note that I Mwanaisha Chidzuga was never a co-wife to one Cecilia Mwangi. Please stop dragging my name and that of my family into this madness,” she posted.

The highly reserved journalist, however, did not give further details about the nature of her relationship with Mr Mungatana.

In June, 2014, Ms Chidzuga welcomed her third baby girl whom she named after Mr Mungatana. That gesture injected new life into the rumours about her supposed union with Mungatana.

Miss Mwangi, on the other hand, has publicly announced that her relationship with Mr Mungatana came to an end and that she is raising their daughter alone.

“… We already ended our relationship and went our separate ways over a year ago. There were no scuffles prior to our decision. We simply sat down like two mature adults, had a sober talk and decided to part ways. Personally, I felt I was at a stage where I needed some peace of mind.”