Mercy Myra ends marriage; husband claims there was violence in union

    Mercy Myra ends marriage; husband claims there was violence in union

    Kenya’s celebrity power couple, Mercy Myra and Attitude, has split after ten years of marriage.

    On Wednesday December 2, Mercy posted a photo of what looked like her signing divorce papers in a lawyer’s office.

    As a caption to the photo, she wrote: “In this picture, a long, looooooong while back, I started a journey. Not knowing and or how. I put pen to paper to ‘The beginning of a lifetime’ ahead of me. Need I even mention the bad? Naaah…I cannot do that because out of this journey that I have come thus far from, my Father, God has blessed me, had plans for me. My Abba, God, had lessons for me, class was in session.” (Sic)

    “And out of it all, I learned humility, patience, love but… mostly… forgiveness with a clean and genuine heart,” she added in the post.

    According to her post, the singer claims ‘it’ – which ostensibly refers to her marriage – comes to an end, and a new life begins.

    “This day, this time, today’s hour was 2.30pm, 1st December 2015 when finally…finally it all came to an end..YES..END!!! The end of a chapter in my life but the beginning of a beautiful journey ahead.”

    Adding that the documents she is seen signing are a beginning to ‘actual self freedom’, and that they took four years to process.

    “Finally, God revealed His truth. His truth that I. Me. Mercy. God’s Child. That I was ready. Finally!”

    Violence in marriage

    Mercy Myra’s estranged husband Malimo Andega, better known as Attitude, has on the other hand called out his ex-wife for being an abusive partner during their marriage.

    “We were abusive to each other… Both physically (on both parts, yes Mercy Myra has initiated violent contact with me) and verbally (on both parts once again). Not a great environment to raise a child in.”

    Attitude said the judge who granted the divorce was partial, and openly favoured Mercy when it came to child custody.

    “The judge hated me from the word go and would immediately roll her eyes in an obvious biased opinion as I spoke on the stand…”

    Attitude has, however, said he will appeal the decision on their daughter’s custody.